What will this straight boy do for money?

We all know there is a lot of gay for pay porn out there, but the guys at William Higgins really took it to the next level with this video starring Libor Bores and straight guy Vlado Tomek. The guy had been wanked and probed in another massage video, but this is the first time he’s had a taste of another guys uncut cock, and slid his dick up another boys butt too. He did a great job of it and really seemed to enjoy himself too.

Vlado Tomek goes gay for pay with Libor Bores

Vlado Tomek goes gay for pay with Libor Bores

So, the deal with this one is that Libor is gonna give the guy cash for everything he decides to go ahead and try. See what I mean? It’s literally a gay for pay porn scene with money changing hands depending on how far the hot and horny straight guy is willing to go.

Of course, he’s not likely to turn down being paid and sucked off by a hot mouth, so Libor easily wins that one – I have yet to see a straight guy say no to being sucked by another guy lol

It turns out the guy isn’t willing to say no to being paid to suck dick either, gobbling on Libor’s cock and clearly enjoying the taste of it in his mouth as he jerks himself off.

He’s still hard when Libor takes it to the ultimate level and offers to pay the guy to fuck him in the ass, and the cum loads both deliver at the end suggest that Vlado has discovered a love of hard cock and hot gay ass that he never knew he had before ;)


Libor Bores gives straight guy Vlado Tomek his cock and ass

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Bareback cum in ass action from Bel Ami

Sean Davis and Scott Bennet are the uncut boys getting some great bareback cum in ass action in this new scene from the Bel Ami site, and after jerking out some cum to it myself I knew you guys would appreciate seeing some of this on the blog ;)

Bareback boys Sean Davis and Scott Bennet

I could watch these horny uncut boys sucking on each others dicks for hours, but I have to confess that the sight of that long intact bare cock sliding up into some tight ass is what really had my cum load building up.

The angles and filming in this really do highlight the best of the action, but then that’s one of the things this site is famous for after all. They really do focus on the cock sucking and the close up action as a length of dick eases in and out of another guys ass.

The highlight for this one has to be the bareback cum in ass finish though. Pulling that dick out in time to jerk out the juice and splash some semen over that fucked hole is what should have you joining in to empty your nuts too ;)

If you haven’t checked this site out yet you really should. It’s an award winning gay porn site for a reason with some of the most impressive guys.


Raw gay fucking with uncut guys Sean Davis and Scott Bennet

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Ready for an uncut cock orgy?

You probably know that the William Higgins site is pretty famous for a lot of things, but one of the things that got me so into it a while back was all the uncut cock orgy porn they shoot. They have the Wank Party series returning in this video, with a gang of guys ready to share their hooded dicks with each other in something more than just wanking.

An uncut fourgy fuck at William Higgins

That’s what this used to be, if you go back and look at the early scenes in this collection. It’s moved on from just jacking off though, and as you can see from this post the guys don’t hold back and end up sucking and fucking their way to some great cum shots.

This one stars Honza Onus, Milan Neoral, Roman Madlec and Simon Beber in a foursome of oral and anal action that will probably have most of you cumming more than once.

All four of these guys has something special about that, and I think that’s one of the things that makes this uncut cock orgy video so hot to watch.

As a fan of their site (and I’ve been a fan for years now) these group sessions are definitely some of the best out there on the internet.

Four hot guys share their hard cocks in a group fuck at William Higgins

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If my school days had been like this…

I would never have even contemplated skipping classes. It’s one of the most recent hardcore uncut boy threesome videos on the Staxus site, with a trio of gorgeous boys enjoying a rampant ass fuck and cock sucking session that can only end with a lot of hot ball juice pumping out!

David Hanson, Oscar Roberts and Chris Hollander bareback fucking

Cock hungry student boys at Staxus

Oscar Roberts is the hung lad leading the fun as he reveals a massive double ended dildo to his class mates, but although it could have ended up being a real ass play session the sucking they all share leads to an immense spitroast.

I would have loved a little more of that anal play, but after David Hanson gets some of that dildo in his ass he’s soon taking both those boys one after the other in a rampant fuck.

Chris Hollander and Oscar really put their twink friend through his paces as they slide into his hole and feed him their dicks right there on the desk, but the boy can seemingly take it like a real pro. And he can take their cum loads like a pro too when they both wank out their juice over his face ;)

I love a good uncut boy threesome video like this one, and it seems a lot of the fans on the site agree.


Horny boys fuck their friend in a threesome video

Chris Hollander and Oscar Roberts share David Hanson between them

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Getting some big uncut straight guy dick!

Who else is completely jealous of Josh Jared in this new video from the Blake Mason site? As a big fan of uncut straight guys I have to admit that I would love the opportunity to work on that immense cock Daniel Johnson has, and although I’m more about the oral I wouldn’t refuse the chance to get that thing in my ass either.

Josh Jared sucks the uncut cock of straight boy Daniel Johnson

Josh Jared sucks the hard uncut cock of straight guy Daniel Johnson

I think the story for this is that Josh and his buddy Daniel have been looking at a place to rent, and although Josh loves this new place Daniel isn’t sure about the cost. How would you persuade the guy? Yes, with your mouth and ass wrapped around his cock, of course!

It turns out the uncut straight guys meat isn’t inexperienced when it comes to being worked over by another guy, and Josh is obviously not likely to turn down the opportunity to make his buddy cum.

Sucking the guys hooded dick is only the start, and with a little rimming and wanking Josh is ready to take that dick in his ass and get a great fuck from his hetero buddy right there on the table.

Of course it ends with lots of hot and thick cum splashing out, for you and for them ;)


Josh gets fucked by Daniel at Blake Mason

Straight cock sinks into hot gay ass at Blake Mason

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