Questions for the Uncut Cock Blog readers

So after some questions from HotFunGuyUnc earlier I thought I would ask some of you guys some things and see if we can get some conversations started here on the blog.

You can respond in the comments below and let the other readers know your answers. I’m really curious to know more about you guys. You’re all too damn quiet!

I’ll give my own answers too, but make sure you share your opinions.

Most importantly, do you prefer cut or uncut guys when you’re hooking up?

Obviously I love uncut cock, otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog. I really get off on long hoods of foreskin on a guys dick, I love stroking guys with foreskin and sucking them off too. Uncut cock just feels and tastes so good in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I only go for uncut guys though.

Have you ever sucked an uncut cock?

I know a lot of you probably have. I have too, obviously. I do look for guys out there with uncut dicks and when I get the chance to suck an uncut dude I’m not likely to turn them down. The first uncut guy I sucked off was a friend of mine with a long and pink tapered hood who used to drool precum from his boner. It was delicious!

What is it about uncut cocks that turns you on so much?

For me there’s a few things I love. I believe uncut guys leak more precum, and I love seeing a hood all wet with juice sliding around on a swollen cock head. I get off on long foreskins, so I love to chew on them slightly (gently, it’s not that weird). I once hooked up with a guy with a really big foreskin that was so stretchy he could fit four fingers into it. It was great licking out his foreskin as his cock thickened up and got hard. He was great at docking, and could stretch his foreskin out to cover my helmet and an inch of my shaft too. He once shot his load doing that and I could feel his cum splashing out over my helmet.

There you go guys, share your thoughts on these questions in the comments below and let me know a little more about you all! There might be more if you start commenting! ;)

Questions from reader Dave – HotFunGuyUnc

So one of my readers (Dave – HotFunGuyUnc) has a few questions and I thought rather than leave them in a comment I would add them here for you guys to see too. Remember you can leave your own experiences as a comment on the Your Experiences page and I’ll make a post out of them.

So, here’s what HotFunGuyUnc wants to know…

Hey are you UnCut or just into UnCut Cock?

Unfortunately I’m cut, but not too close so I can maybe get some foreskin restoration started later when I have the time and find the right method. I guess that’s why I have such a fascination for uncut cocks though. Maybe I wouldn’t be as into foreskin if I wasn’t cut myself.

When was the last time you Topped & who was it with?

The last time I topped was with a guy I hooked up with at a party, he was a real hot jock with a gorgeous bubble butt. That was two years ago now. I’m not as into fucking as I am bottoming and sucking cock. I have a fantasy of being in the middle of a group of uncut tops all fucking me and feeding me their uncut cocks!

Do you or have you hooked up at the Gay Nude Beach?

I have had a few experiences at the nude beach. It’s been a little while since I last went but if I go later on in the evening there’s usually one or two guys to stroke dick with or suck. I hooked up with a really hot uncut Latino guy there about a year ago and sucked him off while his boyfriend watched and jerked off. ;)

What do you like most when you bottom?

I once hooked up with a big-dicked guy who could lick his own cock, and when he was fucking me he leaned over and sucked my dick while he was inside my ass. It was the hottest thing ever! We finished off with him sucking his own cock while I fingered his ass and jerked my load out over him.

Have you ever Topped a guy while you Bottom for another?

Never done that yet, but I would definitely be willing to give that a go!

Is that Pic of you? Its HOT!!

Unfortunately it’s not ;)

It’s actually a pic I’ve had on my phone for about three years now, because he looks so much like a guy I used to suck off. He was a straight guy but was into jerking with guys and being sucked.

There you go HotFunGuyUnc, I have some questions for all of you guys coming up later, so stick around and make sure you share your responses in the comments for that. Lets get some chatting going on here! ;)

Sucking a straight uncut guy

Dave – HotFunGuyUnc

“I love Tall Smooth Hung Uncut Guys and often Suck a friend of mine (Sebastian) since he is in the “Type” I get into. He seems to get way into it when I Suck his Cock and I make sure I get his foreskin rolling back and forth as much as I can. He says when I do that it gives him the hottest feeling ever and he goes wild when I lick under it as well. He has lots of PreCum so when I start to taste it I realy get working on his Cock and foreskin and get his precum under the skin so it slides even more.

If I position my tongue just right I can keep his foreskin rolling even when he shoves his Cock all the way down into my throat. When I do this correct he always pumps out a Huge Load & we both get into that.

I also think its Hot to have a Hung Uncut Guy Top Me and the feeling is unlike a cut cock for sure. It always gets me going and I sometimes almost beg him to Cum.”

New hung uncut boy Zak Starr at Blake Mason

They are always adding new guys to their gang on the Blake Mason site, and I think Zak Starr is going to be a popular boy with a lot of the members there, not least of all because of his impressive long uncut cock!

Zak Starr arrives to reveal his hung uncut cock at Blake Mason

I guess it takes a but of an exhibitionist to really perform well on camera, so it’s a good thing that this new arrival has no problem showing off his gorgeous uncut dick for the guys in a stroke show. He’s no stranger to performing on video either, and although he looks like he might be the kind of geeky boy next door you would never see sharing his cock with a guy on video, he’s done a lot of scenes over the years and made some home videos too.

There’s no getting around the fact that the best thing about this new arrival is his 9″ uncut cock. It’s a real big and meaty tool he has there hanging between his legs, and when he starts playing with it it takes no time at all before it’s throbbing and thick in his stroking grip.

As always, they really know how to shoot their new guys and show him off in the best way, and it results in a good jack off scene that should have more than a few of you looking forward to seeing him being sucked and maybe fucking another guys ass too.

I have a few ideas about who I would love to see him giving that dick to. Having seen some of their hottest uncut guys being fucked over the last few months there are plenty who would love to sit on that thing and take it for a ride!


New twink Zak works his long and thick uncut dick on video at Blake Mason

blakemason banner

A very sexy uncut guy on cam

I have no clue who this guy is, but I want to know a lot more about him after seeing these pics of him showing off his gorgeous uncut cock on his webcam! He has a pretty big dick too, with a nice hood on it. He’s a fit dude with a hot body, the kind of guy I love to see showing off his junk!

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 1

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 2

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 3

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 4