Sucking a straight uncut guy

Dave – HotFunGuyUnc

“I love Tall Smooth Hung Uncut Guys and often Suck a friend of mine (Sebastian) since he is in the “Type” I get into. He seems to get way into it when I Suck his Cock and I make sure I get his foreskin rolling back and forth as much as I can. He says when I do that it gives him the hottest feeling ever and he goes wild when I lick under it as well. He has lots of PreCum so when I start to taste it I realy get working on his Cock and foreskin and get his precum under the skin so it slides even more.

If I position my tongue just right I can keep his foreskin rolling even when he shoves his Cock all the way down into my throat. When I do this correct he always pumps out a Huge Load & we both get into that.

I also think its Hot to have a Hung Uncut Guy Top Me and the feeling is unlike a cut cock for sure. It always gets me going and I sometimes almost beg him to Cum.”

New hung uncut boy Zak Starr at Blake Mason

They are always adding new guys to their gang on the Blake Mason site, and I think Zak Starr is going to be a popular boy with a lot of the members there, not least of all because of his impressive long uncut cock!

Zak Starr arrives to reveal his hung uncut cock at Blake Mason

I guess it takes a but of an exhibitionist to really perform well on camera, so it’s a good thing that this new arrival has no problem showing off his gorgeous uncut dick for the guys in a stroke show. He’s no stranger to performing on video either, and although he looks like he might be the kind of geeky boy next door you would never see sharing his cock with a guy on video, he’s done a lot of scenes over the years and made some home videos too.

There’s no getting around the fact that the best thing about this new arrival is his 9″ uncut cock. It’s a real big and meaty tool he has there hanging between his legs, and when he starts playing with it it takes no time at all before it’s throbbing and thick in his stroking grip.

As always, they really know how to shoot their new guys and show him off in the best way, and it results in a good jack off scene that should have more than a few of you looking forward to seeing him being sucked and maybe fucking another guys ass too.

I have a few ideas about who I would love to see him giving that dick to. Having seen some of their hottest uncut guys being fucked over the last few months there are plenty who would love to sit on that thing and take it for a ride!


New twink Zak works his long and thick uncut dick on video at Blake Mason

blakemason banner

A very sexy uncut guy on cam

I have no clue who this guy is, but I want to know a lot more about him after seeing these pics of him showing off his gorgeous uncut cock on his webcam! He has a pretty big dick too, with a nice hood on it. He’s a fit dude with a hot body, the kind of guy I love to see showing off his junk!

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 1

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 2

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 3

Hot guy with a nice uncut cock 4

The fit uncut jocks of Staxus!

You guys know I love the Staxus site right? There are a few sites that really have a lot of great guys with amazing uncut cocks, and this is one of the best if you’re into bareback fucking too. Although they have a lot of twinks on there, they have some amazing uncut jocks too, and I thought I would share some of them with you for this post rather than just do the usual porn post for you. If you get off on fit young guys with great uncut dicks then this is one post I know you’re gonna enjoy ;)

So, lets kick things off with one of my favorite guys on there – Kris Wallace.

Kris Wallace at Staxus

Kris Wallace at Staxus

Kris is a gorgeous young man. He’s from Poland and he’s a real bottom (but doesn’t mind fucking a hot boy in the butt with his uncut dick!) He’s so hot to watch on video and he has a lot of fans on the site. He really is one of the top boys on there, not just because he’s so cute, but because he has a perfect body and an absolutely perfect uncut cock too. There are 21 scenes showing on his profile right now, but I’m pretty sure he’s done more than that.

Rudy Bodlak

Handsome and uncut muscle guy Rudy Bodlak

Handsome and uncut muscle guy Rudy Bodlak

Rudy is actually a gay for pay performer, but not in the way American sites seem to do it. I guess it really is true that European guys have a different attitude to things, because he loves to perform and he loves sharing his uncut cock with other boys in some hardcore porn. He’s all about showing off his awesome body and getting that hooded dick into a guys mouth and ass, and he’s not at all scared to suck some cock too. There are a lot of so-called straight American performers who could learn a lot from guys like Rudy!

Ennio Guardi

Straight muscle hunk Ennio Guardi

Straight muscle hunk Ennio Guardi

Apparently, straight uncut muscle hunk Ennio recently got married, but we won’t hold that against him. Like Rudy Bodlak he’s a gay for pay muscled guy who just loves to get his cock sucked and fuck some hot gay ass, and he really gets into his videos. Even though he calls himself straight, he knows that it feels good to be sucked off, and to fuck a guy in the ass, and he doesn’t seem to mind sucking on another guys dick either. He’s a great performer on there and I’ve seen him in some really hot action over the last couple of years. If you like your guys uncut and muscled and with big cum loads too then you will love plenty of his videos!

Damien Dickey

Czech uncut hunk Damien Dickey

Czech uncut hunk Damien Dickey

Uncut and handsome Czech hunk Damien Dickey probably doesn’t need much of an introduction for you guys. He’s been in a lot of hardcore porn over the last few years, but his action on Staxus is some of the best. This versatile guy is so good looking, and so horny too. His uncut cock is up and throbbing, drooling precum at the slightest thought of getting some action. He’s a full-on boned-up stud who really enjoys sex, and it shows in all of his videos where he gobbles on every cock he can get and really shows his scene partners a great time!

Boris Orla

Horny uncut dude Boris Orla

Smooth and sexy Boris from Moldova

I think Boris Orla is the only performer I have ever seen from Moldova, but if there are other hot young lean uncut jocks like him there I think we need more of them at Staxus! He’s a great performer, and although he only started there last year (I think) he’s been in a lot of videos and made plenty of fans. He’s a hot guy with a great hooded dick that he loves to share with other bareback performers, and he’s mostly a top too. If you haven’t seen him yet then I think you’ll be impressed!

Darius Ferdynand

Handsome and hung uncut British gay porn star Darius Ferdynand

Handsome and hung uncut British gay porn star Darius Ferdynand

Darius is a real star. He’s fucking gorgeous beyond belief, with an awesome body and an amazing uncut cock too. He looks like a movie star, but has the body and dick of a full-on gay porn star with a long future ahead of him. You might have seen him starting out over on the Blake Mason site a while back, but these days he’s moved on to some of the biggest studios in the world. With his good looks, hot body and big uncut dick, I’m not surprised this British gay porn star is doing so well. If you haven’t seen his videos on the Staxus site then you should go and have a look at some of the trailers, you will be in love with this guy when you see him in action!

Tom Crua

Muscled and uncut Tom Crua at Staxus

Muscled and uncut Tom Crua at Staxus

Whenever I see Tom Crua my cock is hard and throbbing straight away. This muscled uncut European hunk reminds me so much of plenty of the guys I have a major crush on at the gym. With his handsome and hunky looks and that ink on his body he looks so much like a hot guy you might fantasize about in the locker room showers. Yet, that got a little personal, mainly because there’s a guy at my gym who looks a LOT like this guy! He has a great uncut cock and a fit jock ass too, and he loves to fuck other boys bareback and shoot his loads over them. He’s a great performer with a great attitude too.

Carl Ross

Cute new uncut boy Carl Ross at Staxus

Cute new uncut boy Carl Ross at Staxus

Cute and angelic Carl Ross is so new to the Staxus site that he’s only been in one video so far, but it’s a very hot one that shows he’s going to be a great performer. He’s such a good looking young man that I don’t think any of the fans there have had anything negative to say about him. He’s obviously going to become a hot jock model in the years to come and I can predict that this gorgeous Czech boy is going to be delivering awesome hardcore movies for a long time to come.

So there you have it guys, some of the most gorgeous young uncut jock guys on the Staxus site. If you haven’t checked out their videos yet then I would definitely recommend it. Even though I love promoting them to pay for the blog, I love their videos and guys and I would be promoting them anyway.


Foreskin Stretching

From HoodieLength in Cambridge England

“I always had a short foreskin that would slide right back when I got semi hard and wanted more. Last year ago I started looking into foreskin stretching after seeing a guy in college with a really long hood hanging from his cock and I wanted the same.

After trying a few things that really didn’t feel comfortable I found a suggestion on a forum about foreskin restoration from a guy in the US who used a couple of silicone cock rings on his dick to stretch his hood and decided I would try it.

The difference with this method was that you can wear it in bed without it being too big and bulky.

You need to get the right cockrings, thick and stretchy ones, and then you put one round where the ridge of your helmet is (over your hood) then slide it forward, so it stretches your foreskin over the head and sits in place in front of the helmet, bunching up your hood inside it. Then you put another cockring on behind that one to kind of hold it in place.

Because it’s silicone it uses friction to stay in place in front of your helmet and holds your foreskin there. The second one just ads some more weight to it and helps to hold the skin in place.

It’s much simpler than all the other things I’ve seen and tried, and it actually works really well too. I can wear it all night long with no problems, and my foreskin is visibly longer in the morning. Of course it goes back a little during the day, but in three months of doing this I have already gained about 2cm of foreskin on my cock.

There are only a couple of drawbacks for this method. First it’s only good for guys who have a foreskin already, because you need something to work with. And if you get a stiffy in the night sometimes the cockrings will pop off. It’s a good method though, and it’s working for me!”