Hot bareback uncut cock action with Paul Belonek and Robert Drtina

I know you love all that bareback uncut cock action from the William Higgins site, and after stroking out a cum shot to this one earlier I knew it had to be up on the blog today. Paul Belonek and Robert Drtina are the guys getting their raw freak on in this outdoor fuck scene, and you’re gonna love it!

Paul Belonek and Robert Drtina William Higgins

I have to say (yet again) that I need to travel more and check out these sexually ambiguous guys in other countries!

Robert is a straight guy who isn’t having much luck with the ladies right now, and when he joins Paul in the garden he basically comes out and says that he needs to try some gay ass.

That’s all it takes! This straight guy is suddenly sharing his hooded cock with his buddy and the two are sucking each other off in a fenzy of delicious oral!

I need to find straight friends like this dude, and I need to find them NOW lol

Paul is clearly more than willing to help out his curious buddy, wouldn’t you be? After they’ve had a good taste of each other in an awesome 69 session Paul is sinking his tight ass down on that hooded dick and taking his buddy for a ride.

Clearly (we all know) Robert made the right choice trying some guy hole for the first time, and Paul loves it too. He’s hard and wanking himself off being taken from behind, pumping the cum from his dick as his friend prods at his prostate and sends him over the edge.

The twitching of his sphincter around his friends raw cock soon has him needing to cum too, pulling his cock free and jerking himself off until his big cum wad is splashing out over his friends well-used ass!

They have a lot of bareback uncut cock porn on there, with new videos arriving all the time, but this pairing really did it for me. I shot such a hard load my cum hit the wall over my shoulder – not done that in a few weeks! lol


Bareback uncut friends Paul Belonek and Robert Drtina

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Andrea Suarez stroking the load from his big uncut cock!

I know you are all going to love Andrea Suarez! This handsome and hunky Spanish guy has just arrived in the business, but I already know he’s going to be incredibly popular. Why? Well, he’s handsome, he has the sexiest Spanish accent, and he has a big uncut cock to share with the boys!

Originally from Barcelona, he’s moved to the UK, but still has that very sexy accent. In fact I think he’s really only recently started learning English, he seems to get a little confused occasionally in his interview, needing some things clarified, which just makes him even sexier still.

When he starts to strip we find that he has a great body to go with that handsome face, and then we get to see that big uncut cock too.

He’s horny to get started, you can tell his dick is thickening up and needing some attention as he gets stroking on that heavy piece.

I love meaty uncut cocks like his, and after watching him wanking the cum from that thing and putting on a great show I can’t wait to see someone sucking him off.

He’s a versatile guy, so he might be the one getting fucked in his first duo – which I’m sure will be coming up any day now. Personally, I hope they film him fucking one of the other guys first, I’d love to see that sinking into another dudes butt and I’m sure plenty of their guys are lining up to be the one to get it too :)


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Fit hunk in boxer shorts

This isn’t an uncut cock post, but I really wanted to get this on here and show this dude off. I have a reason for that too… I have a friend who is entirely straight, but he drives me fucking crazy with his package. We hang out a lot and he regularly crashes at my place and sleeps on the pull out bed on the floor, and the number of times I’ve seen him in the morning with his boxers bulging from a semi boner is unreal. He gets me instantly hard, and I hope that just once he forgets to button up those boxers and lets his cock flop out in his sleep.

He’s my only male friend who’s cock I have never seen, but I know he’s packing a big one and it drives me crazy lol

tight bulging boxer shorts

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