Ondra Matej gets some hot young ass!

We’ve enjoyed the uncut muscle cock of hunky European stud Ondra Matej on the blog once already, but I was very glad to see him back on the William Higgins site fucking the hot young ass of fellow Euro star Ivan Mraz. I thought you guys would appreciate seeing this hardcore outdoor fuck scene too!

Ondra Matej is the handsome and buff hiker out in the wilderness when the threat of rain has him seeking some shelter. Although he trespassing and young Ivan Mraz warns him of such, it seems he can make a small payment for sanctuary…

Yeah, that’s an interesting way of putting it, but although it’s not verbalized it’s certainly suggested when the handsome young man makes his move on the hulking hunk.

Of course Ondra’s uncut muscle cock is willing and able to pay those dues, swapping cock sucking as they get a taste of each other and wank themselves, getting into a great 69 sucking.

Ondra licks out his new friends ass to get it nice and loose, then plants his uncut boner right in there, fucking his new pal deep.

I don’t need to tell you that this one is gonna finish with some hot and thick cum loads splashing out, right?


Ondra Matej fucks Ivan Mraz in this outdoor gay porn scene

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Hung Jace Reed fucks Mike James raw

I think we all know what to expect from the Staxus site by now, this is one of the best sites for getting your fix of hung uncut guys, and Jace Reed is one of the most horny they have. His big dick is making another appearance in this sexy bareback fuck with bottom Mike James, and it’s definitely worth a jerk off or two!

Hung and uncut bareback top Jace Reed gives his cock to Mike James at Staxus

I know a lot of you guys are about the fucking, and the sight of a bareback dick easing into a hot ass, but I have to admit that I love all the cock sucking they film for their scenes. The whole foreskin thing is not missed out with this site and they know that makes them something special with an American audience.

The fact that it’s hung uncut guys fucking bareback too makes it even hotter.

Now, with all that mutual cock gobbling and rimming being shared I have to say too that it’s awesome to see Jace sinking his naked uncut dick into Mike’s ass, and his bottom boy dick bouncing and throbbing with every inch that meat slides in.

Jace has a big cock, and when he eases that thing in you can see Mike’s boner thicken up and stiffen as his ass gets filled!

The highlight is seeing Mike take a cum load in his face while Jace wanks himself to a finish, and that has Mike’s own uncut cock spewing out a thick white load too. It’s a nice scene with a couple of hot guys enjoying some real European bareback action, and it’s what I would expect from one of my favorite sites ;)


Mike James greedily rides the long uncut cock of his top buddy Jace Reed in this new bareback fuck scene from Staxus

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Uncut boys flip flop fuck at Blake Mason

I’ve lost count of the number of times I heaped praise on the gorgeous uncut British guy Dan Broughton over the last few weeks, but I know a lot of you guys feel the same about this handsome and sexy young man. He’s back on the Blake Mason site and sharing a hot flip flop fuck with one of their other new arrivals, and the heat between him and Mickey Taylor is undeniable.

Mickey is the inked and sexy Essex lad who’s been making quite an impression on the European porn scene over the last couple of months. He’s been appearing on more than one site, and it seems a lot of the fans can’t get enough of him. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about all that ink on his slim and lean body, but I’m getting used to it and he is definitely a horny and hot performer.

Dan is a complete cock slut of course, at least on video. I saw an interview with him when he arrived on BM and apparently he’s not like this in real life and doesn’t sleep around, doesn’t go out every weekend and doesn’t really do all the things you would think a gay porn star like him would.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think that makes him even sexier! lol

Anyway, this is a great fuck with the stunning uncut British guy and his inked and horny friend, with both getting some cock and ass and both splashing out some hot cum by the end of it. I would recommend clicking through and checking it out. I’ve shot three loads to this one already and I think I might go back in a minute and jerk out another ;)


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New twink bottom Adrian Becker fucked bareback by Claude Sorel

I love it when a new performer arrives on a site like Bel Ami Online, and I think a lot of you guys are really going to love this new star in the making too. His name is Adrian Becker, and this is his first uncut bareback fuck on video for the site. They definitely picked the right boy to welcome him with his big raw dick!

New boy Adrian Becker is ready for some raw uncut cock from Claude Sorel!

Claude Sorel has to be one of the most gorgeous boys they have in their collection of guys right now, and whoever thought of inviting him to come and penetrate this brand new star and give him a cum load in the butt definitely deserves a bit of a bonus.

He’s so handsome, and even though young Adrian is clearly a little nervous about the whole experience when Claude arrives and gets some oral action going the boys nerves soon dissipate to be replaced by a cock hunger that’s really very genuine.

Then again, I can’t imagine any boy being in a scene with Claude and not wanting to have that cock inside them immediately, whether that’s down the throat or up the butt!

Needless to say that new boy gets a great uncut bareback fuck from the star, and a cum load smeared into his tight little fuck hole too. I think he’s going to be back for a whole lot more after this first scene!


Adrian Becker gets his first on-screen uncut bareback cock in this scene with Claude Sorel at Bel Ami Online

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Arny Donan gets some hot twink ass around his big uncut dick

This is the first time we’ve had uncut muscle man Arny Donan on the blog, but that’s because I wanted to share a William Higgins duo of the big hunk and show you all his immense body and hooded cock in the perfect scene. He’s finally getting that meat sucked and inside a hot gay ass for this video with Filip Cerny!

Muscle man Arny Donan sucks and fucks Filip Cerny at William Higgins

It’s sometimes hard to be sure whether a guy appearing on their site is actually straight or not, perhaps Arny has experienced some cock fun with other guys before? Personally, I doubt that, watching him in this scene as Filip almost seduces him into mutual wanking and sucking seems to suggest that this is his very first time feeling another guys dick and tasting a dudes helmet.

That’s what really gets me horny about this, the idea that this big uncut muscle man has never stroked or sucked a guys dick before, but he’s clearly loving the feel and taste of it as they get into a mutual sucking 69 session.

Of course you would have to give up your ass for a dude like him, I wouldn’t hesitate to let him slam my ass as hard and deep as he likes, and although he takes it easy on Filip it results in an amazing scene.

I think they’ve converted another hunky straight uncut dude to cock and ass action with other guys, and I cannot wait to see more of him in their future videos.


Uncut muscle man Arny Donan gets some cock fun and hot gay ass with Filip Cerny

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