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I need to be in an uncut cock threesome like this!

There are a lot of hardcore videos where I think of myself in on the action and being part of it, but when I watched this uncut cock threesome this morning I was really thinking about how I could make this happen, as soon as possible!

three shirtless boys in gay porn

It’s the latest video from the Bel Ami Online site, starring a trio of hot young lads with great cocks, sharing them in an amazing session of cummy raw action, and if you’re not unloading your balls to this video in the next hour there is something wrong with you!

Tom Pollock, Phillipe Gaudin and Gaelan Binoche are the boys all kicking back and playing strip poker when things inevitably get pretty horny.

There is no way you could have three young guys like these, with gorgeous hooded dicks, naked in the same room without some cum being dumped. Even if all three guys were entirely straight, at least a couple of them would end up wanking out some juice. Trust me on that, I’ve shared hotel rooms with straight guys before and within an hour of a dick being in show some cum has been shot! lol

Of course, these guys go a lot further than just a wank, these guys are all about sucking those hooded lengths, jerking each other off, and sliding their naked dicks up each others butt holes until every shaft in the room is on the edge of squirting!

I’m not gonna describe all the action, because that would take forever, just check out the pics and know that all those cocks get plenty of stroking and sucking, and there’s a whole lot of ass fucking before the cum starts spewing out and splashing over everyone :)

Now, I need to go get on a website somewhere and see if there are a couple of local guys I can get into a threesome with. Chances of finding some uncut cock are always slim, but you never know I could get lucky! lol


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Bel ami

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Check out cute Jamie Durrell jerking his sexy uncut cock

Good morning boys. I hope your Tuesday is treating you well so far. I’m having a nice day, I went for a walk this morning and saw a couple of very fit young men playing soccer shirtless. So naturally I needed to stroke one out when I got home lol

I’ve got a sexy young man to share with you today. His name is Jamie Durrell, and he has an impressive pink uncut cock throbbing in his grip, enjoy his pics!

Jamie Durrell at Bel Ami

There’s obviously a few things that stand out about this boy. He’s very slight and twinky, and he’s so sweet looking too, the kind of young twink you might never expect would be getting his cock out to show off on a porn site.

And of course he has a perfect uncut cock to play with, an impressive pink shaft with a nice swollen head that I think we would all love to worship and pleasure for him.

Finally, he has great balls too, looking pretty big and heavy. I’m probably not the only one imagining grabbing those and tugging on them while deep throating his length :)

Enjoy his photos, and remember to click through for more boys like him if you’ve never checked out the site before. They’re pretty famous for hot guys with great uncut cocks, along with their jocks and bareback sex.


Jamie Durrell at Bel Ami

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Bareback uncut jocks – Jim Kerouac fucks Johnny Bloom

It’s pretty early here and I’m about to head out, but before I do I wanted to share this new video I jerked off over this morning. I’ve been beating off a lot lately, even though I’ve been hooking up with a friend of mine pretty much every other day lol

Check out this new video with bareback uncut jocks Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom.

Jim Kerouac fucks Johnny Bloom at Bel Ami


You’re probably pretty familiar with both of these gorgeous guys and their big intact dicks too, they’re both pretty famous on the site. If you’ve never seen them before then this video is a great welcome to their action.

Jim Kerouac is a real top, the kind of hunk I think we would all love to get fucked by, and Johnny is definitely an eager bottom in this pairing.

The two swap their cocks in some great oral, and although I could have shot my load this morning just seeing them licking and sucking on each others uncut inches it’s definitely the massive cumshots they both shoot at the end that really had me erupting!

Jim fills that snug and smooth ass, filling his lover with his big boner and ramming it deep, only pulling out to shoot his cum all over Johnny’s face. With some manual action on his big dick too he has that bottom boy splashing out his own fountain of ball juice all over himself to finish off their fuck.

If you’ve never been a member there then now is the time to treat yourself and check it out.

Catch you guys later for more :)


Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom at Bel Ami

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