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Gorgeous Hung Uncircumcised Boy Adam Archuleta

Uncircumcised boys don’t come much hotter than sweet and sexy Adam Archuleta. I was going through some of my all-time favorite guys from Bel Ami Online this morning and when I found this shoot of the stunning young twink I knew he had to be on the blog. I’m sure most of you have been fans of his for a while already, but if not you need to take a look and really appreciate that gorgeous uncut cock of his and that sweet and sexy face.

He looks so innocent and sweet, but he has a devilish look in his eyes that kind of suggests he’s into all sorts of hardcore and horny action, and of course he is! I don’t think a boy can have a massive cock like that and not be completely dedicated to making it spew cum on a regular basis ;)

I know if I had a big uncut dick like the one he owns I would be forever stroking it, having it sucked, sliding it into other willing bottoms and giving them every inch. There are so many guys out there who want to take that thing inside them too, and that’s completely understandable.

He’s been in plenty of hardcore films on the site already, and every one of them is worth a stroke and a cum load. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch him in action yet just take a look at these pics and then click through for a little more. You can find him on the site and see some of the examples of the action he’s been in before.

I hope there’s plenty more too, I can imagine this boy being in hardcore videos for them for years to come!


Sexy and hung uncut European twink Adam Archuleta shows off his delicious dick

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Tom Pollock and Scott Reeves in a bareback suck and fuck session

Tom Pollock is gonna get a great fucking from Scott Reeves in this bareback uncut cock video from the guys on the Bel Ami Online site, and it’s one that will have a lot of you horny guys stroking out some cum over it. If you’re not a member there yet then I have to ask why not, it’s probably the best site for gorgeous uncut European jocks out there, and the pics for this new two-part release should make that obvious!

Tom is in the kitchen making dinner for his boyfriend Scott, but it turns out this boy isn’t exactly a domestic god when it comes to food. The results of his efforts are a little disappointing, but the punishment his boyfriend has in store for him isn’t exactly going to convince him to try harder! If I was him I would be serving up swill for the next dinner if this is the response it gets ;)

The “punishment” Scott wants to meter out to his boyfriend for cooking him a terrible meal is not the kind of thing any of us would feel bad about. The guys are soon feasting on some meaty cock for starters, licking and sucking those juicy dicks between them and working up to the main course – see what I did there? lol

The fucking is where it’s really at though. The bareback uncut cock action in their videos is always hot as hell, but this pairing really delivers. Tom gets it good and deep in his ass and both end up splashing out some really impressive cum loads at the end, with a facial to really get you cumming hard with them too ;)


Tom Pollock and Scott Reeves share an awesome suck and fuck in this two-part release with four cum shots!

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Uncut Cock Loving Threesome!

Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio and Yannick Modine are all hungry for dick in this uncut cock threesome scene from the Bel Ami Online site, and who can blame them?! Every one of these guys is gorgeous, with a hot bod and a big uncut dick ready to be licked and sucked and drained of a cum load, but no doubt the fucking is what really gets them spewing their juices for each other.

Uncut cock threesome fucking with plenty of cum to be splashed!

I have to admit that when I see a video as horny as this I could be stuck jerking off over it for a while. This is not the kind of hardcore you just enjoy once and then move on, it’s one that you download and keep in your personal collection for plenty of cock stroking in the future. Believe me, I’ll be jacking off over this one for a few months to come!

This is a two-part fuck scene, starting with Yannick getting both those dicks in his raw ass and loving every second of it as his horny friends fuck him and feed him their uncut boners.

In part two things are switched, with Yannick giving his own gorgeous intact cock to both his friends.

As you can expect from a threesome like this there is plenty of hot cum splashing out by the end, and lots of licking and sucking up the juice too. I don’t think there are many sites out there who have so many uncut guys, fit boys, cum lovers, and all filmed with such skill.


Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio and Yannick Modine share their hooded dicks and cum shots in a threesome fuck at Bel Ami

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Hardcore coming soon on Bel Ami with Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger

I have something a little different for you guys in this post of pics from the Bel Ami Online site. There’s no video for these uncut jocks fucking just yet, but the site are giving us a teasing look at the two stunning young men appearing in a future release, and I think it’s going to have a lot of you looking forward to it as much as I am.

Handsome hunks Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger are the guys teasing us and getting us all hard and horny in preparation for their amazing duo arriving in September, and although that’s a while away I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to this already.

Lucky Rhys is going to get the ass of one of the most famous European hunks in the gay porn business, sinking his hooded and meaty length into the hot tight hole of superstar Kris, and it’s going to have a lot of guys totally jealous.

I would be one of those jealous guys too, even though I’ll be jacking off hard and nasty to this video the moment it arrives! lol

I know we don’t often have a teasing post like this on the blog, but I have a feeling most of you will appreciate these images of the two as much as I am right now, imagining how horny it’s going to be to see these uncut jocks fucking hard and cumming some messy loads.


Stunning uncut jocks Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger tease in a shoot for an upcoming ass fuck video on the Bel Ami Online site

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Gorgeous Steve Winslett and his solid bulging dick

I was looking through some of the galleries on the Bel Ami Online site this morning and enjoying a little cock stroking when I found Steve Winslett and knew that you guys would appreciate him. Boys like this uncut twink and the horny uncut jocks are what they do best on there, and even though some come and go there are always plenty of stunning young dudes to look through and jack off over.

Cute uncut twink Steve Winslett shows off his stunning erect cock

This guy reminds me so much of someone I knew a few years ago, and of course someone I had a massive crush on. He was straight, but thankfully he wasn’t shy about getting his cock out and showing it off.

He was very nicely proportioned just like Steve Winslett too, with a meaty dick and a real battering ram of a helmet that I could just imagine licking and sucking on for hours and hours. I never had that chance with the boy I knew, but looking at these photos brings back those memories of jacking off over porn mags and seeing his swollen dick splashing out cum.

He wasn’t an uncut twink like Steve, but man, the thought of worshiping that meaty dick kept me awake and stroking it for so many nights back then! lol

Enjoy these pics of the sexy young man, and make sure you click through to get some more when you have the chance. He’s one of so many boys there you could be stuck for days enjoying them!


Sexy twink Steve Winslett shares his swollen uncut cock at Bel Ami

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