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A hardcore shoot gets hornier with Tony Conrad and Ronny Lamarr

This is one of those hot hardcore uncut twink porn scenes from Bel Ami that really gets my juices flowing, because it’s how I imagine my job would be if I was working in this business! It stars Ronny Lamarr as the hot young photographer trying to tease out a horny shoot with model Tony Conrad, and it becomes far less professional once that cock lust is so obvious.

Tony Conrad and Ronny Lamarr are so obviously horny for each other!

I don’t know how Ronny ignores that gorgeous uncut twink boys dick for so long, but eventually the hunger for a cock sucking really takes over and he abandons the shoot in favor of some mutual oral. It’s so delicious to watch if you’re a hooded dick fan (which of course we all are!) and both these boys get plenty of cock between their lips as they gobble and suck on each other.

Both these boys have gorgeous bodies and really sexy dicks, but I think Ronny’s cock is the nicer one, long and pink with a curved helmet peeking out from a tasty fold of flesh at the tip. It’s one of those cock heads I could spend hours licking and sucking, and it looks like the need for that dick in his ass is the only thing that moves young Tony on to some fucking.

He gets it deep and smooth, bareback too, with some great angles of the action. Ronny really loves that tight ass and Tony jacks his own uncut cock as he gives in and lets the photographer fuck him on the couch.

Needless to say Tony gets bathed in masses of hot cum, with hung boy Ronny wanking himself off over him and splashing out a fountain of semen all over the boys naked body ;)

It’s a great scene, but then I would expect nothing less from Bel Ami!


Tony Conrad gets the long and hooded cock of horny Ronny Lamarr

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Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer – Uncut European guys getting it on bareback

I don’t think many of you would argue about the fact that the Bel Ami Online site is one of the ultimate destinations for guys who love hot uncut European cocks. I have been a member there for a very long time, and I remember being a little hooked on their action when I first signed up. This new scene with Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer s a perfect example of what makes this site so spectacular.

Brian Jovovich is joined by Jack Harrer after being found jacking on his hard uncut cock

We kick things off with horny fit jock Brian stroking his long uncut cock in a solo jack off, just enjoying himself and beating his meat to build up a good cum load. What he doesn’t know is that horny and hunky Jack Harrer has arrived to share his own delicious hooded dick with the guy in a horny session of sucking and bareback fucking!

I can imagine that plenty of guys out there would love to be caught jerking off by such a hot guy, and that will be especially true when you see the reaction of Jack.

He can’t wait to get some sucking in, with both gorgeous guys slurping on each others hooded dick, enjoying the taste of each others juices as they work themselves up to the inevitable hardcore raw ass fucking we all know to expect in a Bel Ami scene.

Who is the one to get that long hooded cock in their butt? That would be Brian, the horny jerker who is more than happy to take things to the extreme and get their cum splashing out in a great mutual climax that should really have every one of you joining in – like I did ;)

There are only a few sites I love to share on the blog, and they are all great in their own ways. But this one is the best for hot uncut European jock guys with awesome cum loads.


Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer share a great bareback uncut cock session

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Joel Birkin and his long hooded dick!

It was time for a post from Bel Ami Online, and after looking through the recent sets and videos I decided that you guys would probably love to see young Joel Birkin in his very first shoot for the site. He’s a real cute guy with a hot body, but the best thing about him has to be that long uncut cock hanging there over his plump balls. The whole thing is totally suckable, and I would not mind taking that dick for a ride!

Hot young Joel Birkin shows off his long intact dick at Bel Ami Online

So, although this was his debut for thew site, they’d never shared his photo shoot until now. He’s actually been in some great hardcore action for them since this shoot was made, and he’s really proven himself to be a great performer as one of the KinkyAngels gang.

There’s a lot to love about this boy. He reminds me personally of a guy I hooked up with years ago, a straight guys who was just a little curious about cock. He had a dick just like Joel too, long and pink, hooded and totally delicious to look at, and to play with!

He was a real sporty guy, one of the hottest and horniest I’d ever been with at the time. Having seen Joel in some of his hardcore too they seem to have that in common. I wonder if uncut guys are just naturally more hungry for sex than others?

This boy is great to see, and apparently they have a lot more action with him to be released in the future too. I’m looking forward to that!

If you haven’t seen him in action yet you should click through and take a look around the site, he’s fitting in real well with some of the most stunning young uncut guys in the business.


Sexy Joel and his hung uncut dick

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Uncut muscle jocks Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel in an awesome threesome!

Time for some hot and horny action from the Bel Ami Online site, and what better than a hardcore muscle jock threesome fuck with a trio of the most stunning performers they have ever had? Okay, that’s my opinion, but when you see these three uncut muscle guys sucking dick and fucking out some cum loads in this new hardcore scene I think you will all agree! Click here to see some more or scroll down to read about this video and see some pics ;)

Three hot and horny muscle jocks share their uncut cocks at Bel Ami Online

Kris Evans is enjoying himself immensely in this outdoor gay jock romp with Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel, topping each of his buddies in some truly amazing hardcore action.

We kick things off with each of the guys flexing their awesome bodies and showing off for the fans, and it’s a great way to start the action too. I don’t know of any other hardcore site out there with men like these, so horny, and with so much cum to share too. They look amazing as they feast on each others dicks and pleasure every inch, all the way to the fucking.

One of the best things about this video (which is part one of a double!) is the cum action at the end. You know this site and their uncut muscle jocks are famous for the jizz shots they spew out after a great session, and this one is no different.

This muscle jock threesome is easily a highlight of my week, and I have a feeling a lot of you will be cumming hard to this one too when you watch it ;)


Uncut jocks Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel in an awesome threesome fuck at Bel Ami

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Bareback flip flop fucking with Dario Dolce and Dylan Maguire

There is so much action and so much cum in this double scene starring Dylan Maguire and Dario Dolce from Bel Ami, and lovers of bareback gay flip flop sex scenes will be shooting their own load to this one more than just a couple of times! The energy and hunger between these two is unmistakable, leading to a long and hardcore session that you guys are going to want to see.

Dario Dolce and Dylan Maguire share their raw cocks in this new bareback flip flop at Bel Ami

I don’t think Dario really needs that much of an introduction for most of you. He’s one of the hottest performers on the site and he always delivers an amazing fuck no matter who he’s with. Of course it helps that there are so many stunning uncut guys with hot holes and hungry mouths ready to get it on ;)

Dylan is a very cute young guy who’s new to the whole gay porn thing, but he has just as much of a need to unload his balls as their most seasoned professionals, as you can see in this double scene with him giving and taking it.

Both guys have awesome dicks and hot bods, and their mouths and butts are ready to be stuffed with naked inches until their balls are drained – more than once!

If there’s one thing this site is famous for it’s their cum shots, and these two guys really don’t let us down. There’s cummy ass action, splashing loads in faces, jizz eating and plenty more to enjoy. Check it out when you get the chance!


Dylan Maguire and Dario Dolce share their naked dicks in this hot flip flop fucking scene at Bel Ami

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