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Ariel Vanean – Hung and uncut European jock

There are a lot of truly amazing young men on the Bel Ami Online site, but I thin it goes without saying that handsome and buff Ariel Vanean is one of the most stunning. He’s one of their biggest names, and when I saw this shoot it occurred to me that we hadn’t had a post of pics just featuring him. So, if you know nothing about the guy, check out this gallery and enjoy!

He’s a handsome guy, and he fits their style perfectly. They’re perhaps the best at finding European jock boys like him, seemingly hanging out around the gyms and clubs signing up some amazing looking young men. It’s hard to know how they do it, considering so many of their guys could actually be male models, but somehow they get them in the studio and sharing their dick with the world – and each other.

I guess there’s not a whole lot of persuading needed really, these boys probably know what’s to come when they start out, and who could turn down all that delicious hung uncut cock? lol

Ariel Vanean has appeared in plenty of action for the site, appeared in numerous DVD’s and fucked some stunning young men with that big dick of his. He’s a real star, one of the best I have ever watched in their videos, and that’s why he made it into the hottest Bel Ami Models list we had on here back in May ;)


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Peter Annaud and his meaty and thick uncut cock

Everyone loves a good jack off scene, right? It’s even hotter when the boy stroking his boner has a thick uncut cock to play with and drain a cum load from. Check out new boy Peter Annaud on the Bel Ami Online site and I think every one of you guys will agree that he’s one to watch!

Cute Peter Annaud plays with his thick and veiny uncut cock

The handsome and hung young man arrived on the site back in September, but this new video is probably the one most guys will be stroking their load out to. It’s a delicious solo, getting to know the young man as he displays his meaty dick and his tight body, really showing off his hooded helmet and playing with his shaft.

This site has always been one of the best for uncut cock fans, and they just keep adding more hot young guys to their collection of models too. I don’t know where they find all these guys, but I want to move there and get to know each and every one of them personally lol

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing quite a lot more of this hot young twink in the coming months, so stick around and follow the blog, I’ll be sharing the action with you guys the moment he’s sharing that cock with someone!


New twink Peter Annaud shares his gorgeous uncut cock in a solo at Bel Ami – worth watching.

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Uncut European Jocks Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey

I can’t believe I almost missed out on sharing this totally hot uncut cock porn scene from the Bel Ami site with Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey! I have no idea how I let this one slip by, but after jacking off to this video this afternoon I knew I had to get some of the pics on here for you guys. I think you’re all really going to love this one!

Uncut European jock dudes Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey share some hardcore action!

Hungarian hotties Jim and Julien make an amazing pairing, and the fact that this was filmed by star of the studio Lukas Ridgeston and Elliot Klein makes it even more intense – these guys collectively know what makes an amazing video!

Now, I could probably just sit back and let the images do all the talking (and you will want to click through and check out some video action too!) but let me just say how amazing this scene is for guys like us.

If you get off on hard uncut cocks and toned dudes sucking and fucking to some amazing cum loads, this is one for you! I think that probably describes everyone reading this post ;)

The fucking is great, but I have to say that the way these guys suck each other had me almost cumming straight away. I love seeing a lot of 69 action in an uncut cock porn video, and these guys really do deliver the goods.

Needless to say, the cummy finale is as messy as ever. I don’t know how these guys build up their loads and splash out so much juice at the end of their scenes, but I really do think they have something going on here that they need to share with the rest of us!


Hot uncut jocks Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey suck and fuck to some awesome cum loads in this excellent scene

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Uncut muscle boy Hoyt Kogan

First I want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all had a great night and didn’t get too drunk. I had a little too much to drink and ended up making out with an unknown Vampire on a friends balcony, totally unlike me! lol

So, back to the uncut cock…

I was on the Bel Ami site earlier today and saw this rather gorgeous uncut muscle boy, and I had a feeling you guys would appreciate seeing some of his pics from his first shoot there. His name is Hoyt Kogan, and already he’s been impressing the fans with his hardcore action.

Gorgeous uncut muscle boy Hoyt Kogan arrives at Bel Ami

They’ve already suggested that this handsome young man might be ready to become one of their future superstars, and I have to admit that I agree. The dude is totally hot, with a handsome face and an amazing body to go with it. And of course, he’s uncut too ;)

As they say on the site, Hoyt has that iconic clean-cut (so to speak) look about him that fits perfectly with the image they have for offering some of the most stunning young men. He’s one of those absolutely gorgeous European guys who you can totally imagine appearing as a star in one of their orgy videos or alongside some of their biggest names.

If you want to see what else he’s been up to since his solo, you’ll need to click through and take a look. Trust me, you will definitely be impressed with this uncut muscle boy!


Uncut European jock Hoyt Kogan shows off his cock at Bel Ami

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A hardcore shoot gets hornier with Tony Conrad and Ronny Lamarr

This is one of those hot hardcore uncut twink porn scenes from Bel Ami that really gets my juices flowing, because it’s how I imagine my job would be if I was working in this business! It stars Ronny Lamarr as the hot young photographer trying to tease out a horny shoot with model Tony Conrad, and it becomes far less professional once that cock lust is so obvious.

Tony Conrad and Ronny Lamarr are so obviously horny for each other!

I don’t know how Ronny ignores that gorgeous uncut twink boys dick for so long, but eventually the hunger for a cock sucking really takes over and he abandons the shoot in favor of some mutual oral. It’s so delicious to watch if you’re a hooded dick fan (which of course we all are!) and both these boys get plenty of cock between their lips as they gobble and suck on each other.

Both these boys have gorgeous bodies and really sexy dicks, but I think Ronny’s cock is the nicer one, long and pink with a curved helmet peeking out from a tasty fold of flesh at the tip. It’s one of those cock heads I could spend hours licking and sucking, and it looks like the need for that dick in his ass is the only thing that moves young Tony on to some fucking.

He gets it deep and smooth, bareback too, with some great angles of the action. Ronny really loves that tight ass and Tony jacks his own uncut cock as he gives in and lets the photographer fuck him on the couch.

Needless to say Tony gets bathed in masses of hot cum, with hung boy Ronny wanking himself off over him and splashing out a fountain of semen all over the boys naked body ;)

It’s a great scene, but then I would expect nothing less from Bel Ami!


Tony Conrad gets the long and hooded cock of horny Ronny Lamarr

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