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Hung uncut Damian Ross is adorable!

I do believe Damian Ross is brand new to gay porn, but after seeing him for the first time I think I can say with confidence that this hung uncut twink is going to be a massively popular boy from now on. Check out that awesome looking cock!

This guy is fucking cute, and I don’t mean he’s just nice looking he is absolutely adorable. He looks like a real innocent young guy in the face, but that body is totally fucking hot, and when he reveals his dick we’re even more in lust with him.

He’s what is commonly called a grower rather than a shower. His dick kind of looks a bit average when he’s soft and floppy, but when he starts to get hard we find he has a truly amazing uncut boner!

And it just doesn’t stop. He gets harder and harder until his hung uncut cock is arching up skyward with the foreskin easing back over the swelling helmet and his balls hanging low and swinging beneath.

Can you imagine sucking on that dick and making him splooge down your throat?

I have a feeling we’re going to see him back on the site and sharing that big dick with one of their other guys soon, although I think they might need a couple of guys to pleasure that meat properly :)

Yes, I would love to volunteer for that job lol


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Raw uncut jocks Marc Ruffalo and Steve Russell go at it and get some cream!

I just watched this bareback fuck scene with gorgeous uncut jocks Marc Ruffalo and Steve Russell (aka Dick Casey) and I had to get this hardcore scene on the blog for you guys to drool over – and shoot a cum load over too. This really is a seriously hot video!

So you guys probably know a bit about Steve (Dick Casey) already. He’s a gorgeous guy, one of my favorite dudes to watch in action. He used to be exclusively a top, but last year he tried bottoming for the first time and seemed to really enjoy it.

He’s appearing with gorgeous sporty versatile guy Marc for this one, and it’s an incredible pairing.

I like all kinds of guys, you all know that, but there is something so hot about uncut jocks like these guys!

These are the kinds of dudes we probably all fantasized about in highschool and college, the guy on the team who you see in the shower and discover he’s uncut and hung too…

We all had guys like that we lusted after, right?

Steve and Marc gobble on each others hooded dicks, wank each other, and Steve plunges his naked length into that tight hole to get his cum shot pumping out all over Marc’s cock and balls, then takes his hot load in his face when he wanks his jizz out of his boner too.

It’s a wet and sticky finish worthy of more than a few jerked out loads!



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Check uncut jock boy Kyle Hayward

I think this might be one of those times where I split the audience with a hottie. Some of you are going to love this gorgeous uncut jock boy, and others will be too distracted by the ink. To be honest, I don’t care, Kyle Hayward is lovely, and I would not be kicking him out of my car if he found himself in it.

He’s HUNGarian hottie (see what I did there?) with a gorgeous body, a handsome face and a totally delicious looking dick that any one of us would love to gobble and take a ride on, am I right guys?

Regardless of the ink, you have to admit that this handsome boy has an amazing package on display here, and while he might be one of those typical straight boys more interested in pussy and cars, I’m sure most of us would be able to distract him his usual interests with some oral :)

I don’t think he did anything after appearing in a solo shoot for the site, but if he did then I hope one of you guys will let me know.

I would really love to see this sexy uncut jock boy being sucked, and possibly fucking some hot hole too!


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