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New twink bottom Adrian Becker fucked bareback by Claude Sorel

I love it when a new performer arrives on a site like Bel Ami Online, and I think a lot of you guys are really going to love this new star in the making too. His name is Adrian Becker, and this is his first uncut bareback fuck on video for the site. They definitely picked the right boy to welcome him with his big raw dick!

New boy Adrian Becker is ready for some raw uncut cock from Claude Sorel!

Claude Sorel has to be one of the most gorgeous boys they have in their collection of guys right now, and whoever thought of inviting him to come and penetrate this brand new star and give him a cum load in the butt definitely deserves a bit of a bonus.

He’s so handsome, and even though young Adrian is clearly a little nervous about the whole experience when Claude arrives and gets some oral action going the boys nerves soon dissipate to be replaced by a cock hunger that’s really very genuine.

Then again, I can’t imagine any boy being in a scene with Claude and not wanting to have that cock inside them immediately, whether that’s down the throat or up the butt!

Needless to say that new boy gets a great uncut bareback fuck from the star, and a cum load smeared into his tight little fuck hole too. I think he’s going to be back for a whole lot more after this first scene!


Adrian Becker gets his first on-screen uncut bareback cock in this scene with Claude Sorel at Bel Ami Online

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Marc Ruffalo and his rock hard hooded dick!

This is the first time we’ve had the gorgeous Marc Ruffalo on the Gay Uncut Cock Porn blog, but I really don’t think it’s going to be the last after looking at this Pin-Up addition to the Bel Ami Online site. If you like cute young guys with awesome veiny uncut cocks then you will want to see this hung twink in action on the site. Check out some of the pics I’ve been enjoying!

Sexy Marc Ruffalo shows off his big and veiny uncut cock

He’s been on there before, but he’s looking a little different these days. Personally I think he’s just totally gorgeous, the kind of boy I would love to just worship for a good few hours. I can just imagine what it would be like to stroke, lick and suck that big dick of his until he’s firing off a fountain of cum all over the place ;)

Isn’t that a glorious image I just put in your head? You’re very welcome lol

As you can see he has a gorgeous everything. It’s not all about that veiny uncut cock he’s showing off in this shoot, he’s also really cute and has a great body to go with it.

I think I might have to go through the site and grab some more action of this hottie, or do you want to wait until he’s back for another video? It’s your call, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can get for you guys to enjoy.


Stroking a long and veiny uncut cock with Marc Ruffalo at Bel Ami

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Is Rhys Jagger the next Lukas Ridgestone?

Happy fourth of July everyone! I have a party to go to a little later, but before then I have to share this new hottie with you guys. I don’t think we’ve seen him before, but I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future!

I know it seems almost blasphemous to suggest it, but after seeing this collection of photos featuring the gorgeous uncut muscle guy Rhys Jagger and looking around out there on the internet to see what people have been saying, it seems there are a lot of guys thinking he might be the next big star on the Bel Ami Online site.

Handsome buff uncut hunk Rhys Jagger jacks his delicious dick at Bel Ami

He’s recently been in a hot flip-fuck with Jean-Daniel Chagall that got a lot of attention, and according to several sites they have another couple of scenes arriving with him and Hoyt Kogan and Adam Archuleta too.

The uncut muscle guy has an amazing face, with a sexy smile and gorgeous eyes. His body is immense, real buff and powerful. But I think most of you will be fixated on that beautiful intact cock and his tight smooth jock ass too.

That is one good-looking dick, the kind of cock I know a lot of you will be fantasizing about when you see him enjoying himself, or enjoying some horny sucking and fucking with Jean-Daniel Chagall!

I’m still not sure that anyone could possibly replace or even come close to the level of Lukas, but I guess it’s possible considering the stunningly gorgeous guys this site seems to find.


Jacking uncut cock with hunk Rhys Jagger at Bel Ami

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Claude Sorel needs some hard uncut dick real bad!

Distraction is the deal when Claude Sorel is around. This lad is so horny all the time you never know what’s gonna happen when he’s in the room. Marco Bill is busy having a chat with Luke, but when Claude wants some hot and hard uncut cock to suck in this Bel Ami Online video he doesn’t care how inconvenient it is. He’s under the table and sucking on Marco’s dick, making poor Luke leave to let them get on with things – personally I would have invited myself to this uncut cock bareback party and made it a horny threesome! lol

Uncut friends in a hot bareback fuck at Bel Ami

It seems Claude is in need of more than a cock to suck on though, and after gobbling on that impressive length of uncut meat he’s soon up on the table and offering his tight young European jock ass for Marco to slide into.

I know a lot of the boys on the site have pretty big dicks, but the cock Marco is wielding is absolutely gorgeous as well as long and rigid. I would love to sit on that thing too, but I have a feeling I would spend most of my time sucking on that hooded head and making the guy cum in my face ;)

Speaking of which, after the uncut cock bareback fucking Claude takes and a hot load of jism splashed from his own dick he gets a great facial from his top buddy to finish it off. I do wonder what these guys eat or drink to give themselves big loads like that, I have a feeling if the site wanted to share this secret they could make even more money! lol


Claude Sorel takes the big uncut raw cock of his handsome buddy Marco Bill

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A romantic bareback fuck for Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin

It’s not all about the rough and desperate hardcore fucking, sometimes a site releases something that you would almost call romantic, and that’s the case with this horny scene between Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin on the Bel Ami Online site.

European studs in a hot uncut cock bareback fuck session at Bel Ami Online

Andrei gets a nice surprise when his hunky muscled uncut buddy wakes him up from his slumber to share some hooded dick. The boys are quickly wanking and sucking on each others dicks, tasting the precum as their balls churn and their helmets leak clear juice in anticipation of the fucking to come.

As you can expect from this site, there’s a lot of close up action as the guys gobble on dick, and that’s something I love about their videos. They know that a lot of their members enjoy all that uncut cock, and when it’s leading to an uncut cock bareback fuck too it’s only likely to have more members furiously jacking off over the action – appreciative members like me, for instance! lol

The messy cum splashing finish to this uncut cock bareback scene is not to be missed, so don’t bust your nutt too early. If you love seeing gorgeous guys tasting fresh jizz straight from a buddy’s dick then this finish will have you shooting off hard! ;)


Sexy muscled jock boys Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin share their uncut cocks in a raw fuck video from Bel Ami

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