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Uncut jocks Kris Evans and Hoyt Kogan get busy!

You guys know that I have a few sites that I really love for all the uncut jocks they have, and you probably know that the Bel Ami Online site is one of the best for it too. If you’re still unfamiliar, then just check out Kris Evans and Hoyt Kogan in this new delivery and I think you’ll agree that they have some of the most amazing guys and hottest action out there.

It’s really all about the oral in this shoot, with both of these guys licking and sucking each other, playing with their big uncut dicks and showing off their manhood and how they like to deal with it.

To be honest, while all their hardcore fucking in their scenes is amazing to watch (and always ends up with some great cum loads pumping out) I could watch guys like these enjoying each others uncut cocks for hours!

There’s something so hot about seeing a guy with some hood on his dick being licked and sucked by a hungry friend, and I can just imagine the fun these gorgeous studs had making this shoot for the fans.

There are a lot of guys on their site I would love to get some sock action with, but after seeing this all I can think about is servicing both of them at the same time and being drenched in their cum loads after a good session of edging ;)


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Grrr! Hung and uncut Kyle Madox!

I had to get this gorgeous young man on the blog when I saw his pin-up shoot on the Bel Ami Online site, but then you would expect nothing less from me, right? He’s a gorgeous young European hottie with an amazing body and a stunning hung uncut cock that we would all love to spend some time worshipping!

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Flip flopping uncut jocks Andrei Karenin and Phillipe Gaudin

Andrei Karenin and Phillipe Gaudin make an amazing couple in this new Bel Ami Online video, and it’s a double whammy of flip flop fucking too! I love it when they release double scenes, there’s always a lot of hot jizz splashing around!

Something that makes this pairing even hotter is that these two guys are real good friends. They’re both increasingly behind the cameras these days, so seeing them appearing in front and getting it on with each other was a nice surprise. I think they need to be doing this more often!

It makes me wonder about what their friendship is like too though. I would love to have a fuck buddy like either of these guys, but it seems whenever I try I end up with a psycho who wants us to move in together, get married and adopt someones baby lol

These guys know what having a fuck bud is all about, you can tell they’re experienced with those uncut cocks as they feast on each other and suck all that precum from their dicks, then fuck and swap and shoot their messy loads for their buddy.

I love the cum shots they film with their guys, not many sites get the messy jizz shots on camera the way this site does, it’s always impressive to watch and I think it’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular studio, along with all the foreskin!

Check out the action when you get the chance.


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Todd Rosset and his uncut cock – with Bugle?

Some of you are lucky enough to still be on your New Year break (I am too!) which means you have a long weekend to fill and plenty of free time to enjoy some action and some dick stroking. That’s why I’m sharing this solo set from the Bel Ami Online site featuring gorgeous uncut European jock Todd Rosset – if you’re not a member there yet, you might want to click through and take a look.

There are all kinds of guys I like to watch in my porn, but one of the best sites for the uncut European jocks I love so much is the Bel Ami site. Todd is a perfect example of the kinds of guys they have sucking cock and fucking on camera, so no wonder it’s one of the best studios out there.

He’s showing it all off in a very interesting shoot in this one, and before you ask I have no idea what the deal is with that bugle. In fact, is it a bugle or a trumpet? I have no idea, I was never in band.

That’s not what we’re focusing on though, is it? It’s that gorgeous uncut dick he has hanging between his legs, the foreskin slid back and showing off his totally suckable helmet!

The things I could do to that dick…


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Rhys Jagger gives Kris Evans an awesome flip flop fuck!

Happy Christmas once again my lovelies! I hope you’re having a great time, I presume I am right now, because I’m not here writing this, I’m a moms probably enjoying a little too much Jack Daniels ;)

I love blogging, and I usually do it actually on the day, but in this case I scheduled this horny post from Bel Ami for you guys because I had a feeling a few of you might check in and see what’s going on in a moment of boredom. I hope this hardcore Euro porn scene does it for you!

Rhys Jagger joins Kris Evans for a flip flop fucking final in the “Fucking Kris” series, and it really is a delicious delivery too. I have to confess that I have long been a fan of Kris Evans, and I think a lot of you guys have too, but seeing how Rhys manages to compete expertly with the star in this video suggests he might be just as big a performer in the future.

All the sucking and fucking in this video is excellent, and foreskin fans like us have a whole lot to appreciate, but you should know that the cummy final to this scene is what will probably impress you the most ;)

Have a great day guys, I’ll see you back here after Boxing Day!


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