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Dan Arlett and his huge uncut cock!

Okay guys, I think I might be in love. I’ve just seen Dan Arlett loking totally amazing in this shoot and I knew that you guys would be drooling at the sight of his huge uncut cock, so of course he had to be on the blog. He’s changed SO much since he last appeared as a big dicked twink.

Gorgeous Dan Arlett shows off his long uncut cock in a new solo shoot

He’s a little different to the majority of their models, isn’t he? Most of them are smooth and buff, or lean twinky types. He’s a little more meaty, a little hairier, a little more masculine. Maybe it’s the military theme of this shoot, but whatever it is I find him utterly amazing.

He has been on there before, but back then he was a young skinny twink with that big dick hanging out on show. I think we all agree that he’s matured extremely well!

And the best thing about him has to be that huge uncut cock too, a meaty and long shaft of uncut fuckmeat just begging to be worshiped. I can imagine what it would be like to suck on that thing and then take a ride on it too, bareback!

He actually reminds me of one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. I used to know this guy who worked in an office alongside this stunning dude and one time I went out for a drink with both of them and the guy arrived at a urinal next to me and hauled out a 9 inch cock.

That guy was cut, but his cock was amazing and I was getting hard in seconds while he stood there pissing and talking to me about something completely innane. I walked back to the table with him and my cock was throbbing for the rest of the night lol

I never did see he guy again though, and I really wanted to see if I could get that cock down my throat :)

Anyway, check out this hot hunk on the site when you get the chance, I think you’ll be amazed to see how much he’s changed since his first appearance.

Source: Bel Ami Online

Dan Arlett is looking so sexy showing off his long uncut dick in this solo shoot, totally different from his first shoot as a twink!

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Ramon Macchio has a gorgeous long foreskin

If you love foreskin, and lets face it you’re here to check out hot guys with sexy hoods, then you probably love guys with longer foreskins too. You are going to love sexy Ramon Macchio in this pin-up shoot from the Bel Ami Online site.

This handsome young man is no stranger to us of course, we remember him from another site too, under the name of Shane Hirch. Still, these pics really show off his hood on that long and smooth cock, and I had to get his photos on here for you guys to enjoy.

He’s a handsome dude, with a fit bod to go with that hooded cock, and we already know how much he loves to share that uncut dick with other boys. If you haven’t seen him in any of his other videos yet you should check him out.

If you’re anything like me – and I think you probably are – you’re imagining what it would be like to suck him, stroke that dick, watch his long foreskin part and ease back over the wet and pink fleshy head of his shaft to reveal that suckable tip…

You’re probably wondering what it would feel like to stretch out that foreskin and suck on the hood, tongue the inside of his prepuce and taste the precum as his cock gets rock hard and the skin retracts ready to fuck you…

Yeah, that’s all got you thinking about what it would be like to get some action with him, right? :)

Check out his pics and click through for more.

Source: Bel Ami

AKA: Shane Hirch

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Handsome And Uncut Sandro Filipi

He’s new at Bel Ami Online and I think Sandro Filipi is going to become an incredibly popular performer, as long as he’s willing to put the work in. I think we’re going to see a lot more of this handsome guy in the coming months, and I really cannot wait.

Sandro Filipi is my kind of man, he’s so good looking and has a great body too. His cock isn’t gigantic, but then I love uncut cock regardless of whether it’s 5 inches or ten inches long. When it’s attached to a dude like Sandro I would be more than happy to play with it! lol

I already have a list of guys in my head I would love to see this guy enjoying some action with, and I have a feeling they’re probably shot some of those duo’s already.

Aside from that uncut dick and his hot body, Sandro has a great smile too, drawing me in and making me want to see more.

What do you think guys? Do you want to see him getting it on with some of their other amazing guys?

Okay, I think that was a bit of a stupid question, of course we want to see that! lol


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