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Regrow Your Turtle-neck – Foreskin Restoration For Dummies

As we are all into foreskin on the blog I thought it was about time I talked about foreskin restoration. This has become a massively popular topic over the last few years, and the internet has done a lot to show guys that this kind of thing is totally possible.

I’ve been interested in this too, because even though I’m uncut, I would love more hood to play with. I guess I’m just greedy, but being a fan of foreskin makes me want to stretch it out some more and give my fuck buddies something to really play with when they jerking me off and sucking me.

So, this is intended to be a bit of a quick idiots guide to foreskin restoration, with some things that I’ve been checking out.

First, here is a couple of pics to show you what is actually possible when it comes to foreskin restoration.

foreskin restoration

The above pic shows a guy who started off cut, but after 19 months of dedicated stretching reached a full hood of foreskin over his helmet, and then a longer foreskin again finally after 42 months.

It obviously takes time, but it actually does work.

Why restore your foreskin?

Well, there are several reasons why a guy might want that cock hood back on his ding-dong. First, many men who are uncut seem to experience more pleasure than those who were cut. The foreskin actually contains a lot of pleasure receivers, and when this is removed the pleasure is undoubtedly reduced. But friction on the bell end of your cock over time also reduces the sensation there too. So cut guys seem to get a double whammy of pleasure reduction when compared to uncut guys.

It’s unlikely that the repaired stretched foreskin will ever be as good as a completely natural turtle-neck, because you’re stretching the skin of te shaft over the head and you’ve already lost the pleasure sensors in your natural foreskin, but over time the sensitivity of the helmet can be increased with this protective sheath.

If course, if it’s all about pleasure and nothing to do with the look of your cock, you could just invest in a silicone sheath to wear instead, and over time this will reduce the friction and allow the helmet to become more sensitive.

There’s also the practical reasons when it comes to precum and lube. The hooded boner is more able to retain moisture under the foreskin, able to assist in lubrication. The fact is many American guys who are cut need lube to jerk off, but uncut guys don’t. Lube sales in the US are massively bigger than those in the UK (that comes from someone I know in the adult retail business).

But, plenty of guys love the foreskin, from its look to its functions. For a lot of guys it is about the whole thing, increased pleasure, more to play with, looking better etc.

So how do you do it?

There are quite a few resources out there on the net with products that you can try, but ultimately it comes down to stretching the skin of the shaft from just behind the head to gradually cover it. This doesn’t need any real technological wizardry, just common sense.

The best and cheapest method I have seen involves a camera film case and some medical tape. Cut the bottom off the film case so that you have a plastic tube, use a little Vaseline on the inside and slide it over your cock head, then gather any skin from behind the helmet and pull it over the edge of the tube, holding it in place with some tape. Then you just leave it there all day.

Doing this every day encourages the skin to stretch (just like those punk folks who stretch out their ear lobes with rings!) and eventually you get to the point where you have a full hood of foreskin.

Getting started seems to be the hardest part, as some guys are more closely cut than others. But once you have something to play with, the process seems to speed up. It might take you a couple of months to have anything visible to use and stretch, but as you have more to play with the process becomes easier and faster.

Some guys add small weights to increase the stretching, but I think that’s just for really impatient guys. Either way, the skin is encouraged to stretch to cover the head of your cock and after a while you can end up with a natural and functional foreskin once again.

So, there you have it, foreskin restoration is entirely possible, and it’s entirely possible to stretch your existing foreskin if you wanted to. If you’re greedy like I am and want more, there are methods to do it.

Feel free to comment about this piece if you like. If you have any questions about foreskin restoration yourself then I would be happy to see if I can offer an answer. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I have done quite a lot of research into it – as a fan of the hooded dick ;)