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Foreskin Stretching

From HoodieLength in Cambridge England

“I always had a short foreskin that would slide right back when I got semi hard and wanted more. Last year ago I started looking into foreskin stretching after seeing a guy in college with a really long hood hanging from his cock and I wanted the same.

After trying a few things that really didn’t feel comfortable I found a suggestion on a forum about foreskin restoration from a guy in the US who used a couple of silicone cock rings on his dick to stretch his hood and decided I would try it.

The difference with this method was that you can wear it in bed without it being too big and bulky.

You need to get the right cockrings, thick and stretchy ones, and then you put one round where the ridge of your helmet is (over your hood) then slide it forward, so it stretches your foreskin over the head and sits in place in front of the helmet, bunching up your hood inside it. Then you put another cockring on behind that one to kind of hold it in place.

Because it’s silicone it uses friction to stay in place in front of your helmet and holds your foreskin there. The second one just ads some more weight to it and helps to hold the skin in place.

It’s much simpler than all the other things I’ve seen and tried, and it actually works really well too. I can wear it all night long with no problems, and my foreskin is visibly longer in the morning. Of course it goes back a little during the day, but in three months of doing this I have already gained about 2cm of foreskin on my cock.

There are only a couple of drawbacks for this method. First it’s only good for guys who have a foreskin already, because you need something to work with. And if you get a stiffy in the night sometimes the cockrings will pop off. It’s a good method though, and it’s working for me!”


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A sexy long foreskin

I talk to a lot of guys out there on the internet and it seems to me that foreskin restoration and stretching is a big thing these days. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and seeing photos of guys with long foreskins makes me want to try these things out too. I just saw this sexy pic of a guys delicious dick with a great hood on it and I just wanted to share it with you all.

Is foreskin restoration or stretching something that you guys are interested in? I’d love to see your opinions on it. If you’ve ever tried any methods or seen results from these things I’d love to see what you have to say about it.

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Stretching a sexy foreskin

A friend of mine sent me a few pics he found out there on the internet this morning, with a hot guy jacking himself off on cam and stretching his foreskin out for the viewers. I love photos like these, with just random sexy men with gorgeous cocks showing them off for others to appreciate anonymously.

He has a real nice cock too, pretty thick and and with a great hood to play with. I can imagine what it would be like to stretch that out and slide my tongue in there to lick around his helmet and make him cum in my mouth ;)

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Do you want more guys like this showing off their hoods?

Thick cock foreskin stretch 4

Thick cock foreskin stretch 3

Thick cock foreskin stretch 2

Thick cock foreskin stretch 1

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