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Vilem Tel and his thick uncut dick

Oh noes! It’s Sunday, and that means many of you will be going back to work tomorrow. I know, it’s terrible, but at least you have the end of the weekend to enjoy kicking back with your cock in your fist enjoying some really hot guys on video, and I have one more for you all to enjoy from the WilliamHiggins.com site. Check out new guy Vilem Tel and enjoy his immensely thick and juicy looking uncut dick ;)

Vilem Tel shows off his thick uncut boner

Vilem Tel arrives at WilliamHiggins.com to show off his thick and meaty uncut cock

According to the site, Vilem is a 24 year old sporty jock who loves keeping himself in shape and enjoys tennis and ice-hockey, as well as running and training at the gym too.

He’s not the most ripped hunky jock they’ve had on the site, and I have to wonder if he really is 24 (come on, he does look a little older than that) but I really don’t care about his age, for me it’s all about that meaty uncut cock he has to show off in this shoot of session stills.

The guy has an amazing dick, a fat shaft and a really delicious looking helmet covered in foreskin even when he’s getting hard and throbbing. I love uncut cocks that have enough foreskin to stay hooded when hard, but he doesn’t hide his helmet for long as he lays back and plays with his dick, sliding the skin back.

He shows off his tight ass too, tempting you to come and fuck him – every one of us would, right? lol

His cock is really meaty and I can just imagine the fun he’s going to have sharing that boner with some of the other guys. I bet they have other models lining up to jerk him off and suck that thing, and some wanting to ride it too ;)

You can bet I’ll be getting that action on here when it arrives!

Enjoy your Sunday guys, don’t wank too much and make yourselves sore lol


Vilem Tel showing off his thick uncut dick at WilliamHiggins.com

Vilem has a great thick and meaty uncut cock that he wants to show off on video!

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Uncut self sucking boy Zack Randall beats his meat

A little while back, in the summer, I started sharing some action from the Zack Randall site, and I know a lot of you guys loved it as much as I have been. I don’t know why I stopped, but I realized today that it’s been far too long since I last shared some hot pics from this site and showed you why I love this uncut self sucking boy so much!

Hot uncut self sucking twink Zack Randall beats his intact meat and licks his own foreskin

I was on there this morning having a good stroke and thinking about heading out to the gym and I knew you guys would want to see some photos from this video.

In case you didn’t know it already, Zack is into a lot of things. He has toys to stroke his cock with, likes to put on pissing shows, gets off on jerking it outside and loves to suck his own foreskin covered dick too. One of the most impressive things he’s famous for is his massive powerful cum loads.

This boy is a big cummer, an uncut self sucking boy who loves to show off his dick and pleasure himself in his videos. These are the reasons he’s so popular and why his own site gets so much attention.

This pissing, jerking and self sucking solo is a great example of what he does and the kind of action he delivers for his fans, so after you check out these pics you really should click through and see the rest of the videos on his site!


Zack Randall pisses, licks his own cock and jerks out a massive fountain of cum all over himself!

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Jake Richards in an uncut jack off

I knew a real horny IT guy once, the kind of twink who looked all geeky and awkward on the outside but once you got his cock out he was a beast! I think the same might apply to young Jake Richards. He’s a British tech guy with a big uncut cock that he loves to show off and share with other boys, and he’s no stranger to appearing in porn either.

Jake Richards strokes his long and hard uncut cock at Blake Mason

He’s arrived on the Blake Mason site to share his impressive cock with the fans, and I think this solo jack off video is going to have a lot of the members there looking forward to his first pairing. I’m reliably told by a contact (yes, I have contacts!) that he’s going to be back to top another of their boys in the next month, so you can bet I’ll be there on the site and ready to share some pics the moment that happens!

As I said, he’s been in some porn shoots before, quite a lot of them in fact. He’s an out and proud dick-lover who can’t get enough, and it seems there are lots of guys out there who can’t get enough of his hung uncut cock either.

He makes a nice solo jack off scene for his debut, wanking himself off and squirting his cum up his body. I can’t wait to see him back on there to slide that dick into another twink!


Hung twink Jake Richerds jacks off and shoots a hot load on video

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Stroking uncut dick with new amateur jerker JP

Uncut JP Clio is a dancer, but I know some of you might be thinking he doesn’t exactly look like one. I get that, hes more of an average amateur guy than a fit and toned dancer, right? Still, I wanted to share this Blake Mason post because he has a really nice uncut cock, and pretty interesting wanking style (I love the word wanking, so much better than “Jacking off”)

JP Clio arrives to stroke a cum load out at Blake Mason

Apparently he’s only been out for a couple of years, but in that time he’s really been enjoying himself and experiencing plenty of action with other guys. He’s obviously pretty horny, because the moment his uncut cock is out for a stroke session he’s getting hard and ready to play.

You know how some guys just stroke their shaft in the same movement over and over again until they cum? Not JP, he has an interesting cock stroking method that’s mainly focused on the helmet, roiling his foreskin up and down over his glands and building up the pleasure until his balls are getting tight and his cum load is rising up to splash out.

Jack off scenes can sometimes be pretty boring, but I do love it when I see a guy enjoying his cock in some interesting ways, doing more than just sliding his fist up and down.

I’m looking forward to seeing JP sharing that uncut dick with one or two of the other guys real soon, I’m thinking it’s going to be hot to watch ;)


Amateur uncut British guy JP Clio strokes his intact dick and drains a cum load from his balls

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Damian Gomez and his impressive uncut dick!

Have you seen new guy Damian Gomez on the Blake Mason site? I was looking through some of their new videos and although there were a couple I really wanted to share with you today his solo won out. He has a great hung uncut cock to play with and stroke a load from in his solo scene for the site, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he gets up to when he comes back for another video.

Damian Gomez arrives at Blake Mason to shoot a cum load

He’s a handsome and lean guy with a real confidence when it comes to showing off on camera. I know he’s new to the site, but he’s not new to being on video or showing off for an audience. According to his little interview in the start of this scene he’s into performing live sex shows too – that’s something I would LOVE to see! ;)

He’s an expert when it comes to performing, that’s obvious. He knows what we want to see, and he seems to know how to show off that hung uncut cock perfectly for the fans watching him.

I can usually tell when a new guy is going to make a lot the members very happy, and after seeing him pumping a great load of cum over himself at the end of his jerk off show I can say with some confidence that he’s going to be a popular performer on there.

Check out his video when you get the chance, and stay tuned for more. I’ll be getting some pics from his first duo on here the moment that happens! ;)


Damian Gomez strokes the cum from his hung uncut cock in his first appearance on the Blake Mason site

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