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I think I’m in love with Phil Affleck

I just saw the gorgeous Phil Affleck on the Bel Ami Online site, showing off his long uncut cock and putting on a great show in his first jack-off video, and I think I might be in love. The guy is amazing, and that stunning dick is just one of the awesome things about him that gets me hard and dribbling juice.

Hung uncut Phil shares his hooded cock in a solo

Phil Affleck arrives at Bel Ami Online

I am always amazed at the quality of hunky young men this site manages to find. I have a feeling that the might recruit from the gyms and universities around them to get these kinds of gorgeous young performers. Wherever they find them all, it’s obviously working.

Phil Affleck is one of a gang of recent new arrivals on the site, and although this is his first video, revealing his long uncut cock and wanking himself to a cum splashing over his hot and defined body, I have a feeling this boy is going to be back for a lot more after this.

He’s so confident and sexy, but then again he has reason to be confident looking the way he does, and with a hard curved dick like the one he’s jacking off in his solo.

Check him out when you’ve seen these pics, you can click through and find a trailer of some solo action that kicks off with this gorgeous guy.


Jacking off with gorgeous Phil Affleck

Phil Affleck works his hung uncut cock for the guys

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Uncut cock flashers unite!

I’ve known a few uncut guys in my time, being the kind of dude who looks for them, and it seems to be pretty common that guys with intact dicks like to show them off. I don’t know if it’s different in other parts of the world where hooded cocks are more common, but I guess here in the US it’s more of a kink and guys who have some hood get a lot of admirers.

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (1)

I was on a couple of hookup sites today and saw some great examples of meaty hooded tools being shown off by some hot uncut cock flashers who are certainly proud of their junk, and I have to admit that I often send emails and messages to guys who have a good hood and like showing it off for other guys.

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (2)

Just yesterday I was at my favorite coffee shop taking a wizz when a guy a couple of urinals down from me flashed me his uncut meat, heavy and thick. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t get to show my appreciation much more than getting hard and showing him my 8 incher. I wish I’d swapped numbers with him, he was a handsome dude too.

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (3)

Anyway, enjoy these gorgeous examples of uncut cock flashers who are proud of their foreskins and love showing them off. I think most of us would gladly worship these delicious tools, right?

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (4)

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (5)

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (6)

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (7)

Hot guys flashing their gorgeous uncut cocks (8)

Interview and wanking with uncut boy Billy Rubens

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the gorgeous straight boy Billy Rubens has arrived on the Staxus site and recently been announced as an exclusive too. The sexy uncut boy has been in a few videos on the site now, but there’s a lot more to come, including some bareback fucking too! Check out this wanking video with a little interview too.

Billy Rubens jacking off at Staxus

Sexy straight boy Billy Rubens

He’s a gorgeous guy, one of those European guys I would love to worship and drain of cum. He has a totally hot body and a great intact dick that I know lots of you would love to stroke and suck on if you had the chance.

He’s a total top, and although he’s not used to bareback fucking he’s apparently agreed to share his raw cock and sink it into some of the other boys there. I can just imagine that they’re lining up around the blog to hop on that dick and make the boy cum! ;)

They have a lot of really amazing guys on the Staxus site, but this uncut boy and his gay for pay attitude (while wanking other boys and sucking them off before fucking them too) is one of the best to watch. I cannot wait to see more from this stunning hottie.


Billy Rubens jerking off on video

Staxus Exclusive Billy Rubens works his uncut cock

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Jacking off a straight uncut cock

I’m always interested in listening to the fans of the blog and hearing about their experiences, and after looking through my emails this morning I found a few that I really need to share with you guys. This one comes from a dude in the UK who jerked off a straight uncut cock for a bet. I found a pic to give you all some inspiration, so enjoy his email!

Jacking off a straight uncut guy

A hot straight guys uncut dick out in the open

“I was working on a building site a couple of years ago and this guy I’d got to know was being a real cunt about me being bisexual. It wasn’t a secret, and it’s not something I’m embarrassed or ashamed of, but when you work on a building site with guys like these you have to expect some bullshit from the lads.

One guy – who I admit was fucking hot! – was always going on about it, and I think he just wanted to find an excuse to get some servicing from another guy.

In the summer we started a competition with another crew on the other side of the site (it was a big site) and we started taking bets on whether they could get their building up by their deadline, while they were competing with us on our building too.

Anyway, this guy, I’ll call him James, was sure they would get their building up and I was sure they wouldn’t. So, he said that if I he won, I had to wank him off.

It was just a joke, and I didn’t think anything of it until a month later when he won and came back to me during lunch with his cock out. That’s literally all he did, he just walked up to me in the middle of the site with his pink uncut cock hanging out of his shorts.

I took him to the side, in this little area we’d almost finished and we had a little banter, almost daring each other. His cock was getting hard right there in front of me and he was adamant that I should pay up on my bet.

I grabbed his cock, and felt it instantly getting harder in my hand. I wanked him, watching the long foreskin sliding back to show off his wet shiny cock head. He was giggling, loving it, telling me I had to make him cum or it didn’t count.

I got my cock out too, also rock hard by this point, wanking us both off.

His dick was definitely a shower. Although he had a plump pink floppy cock to start with, nothing big and impressive, it became a real big curved cock in my hand, covered in veins. The best thing about his dick was definitely that foreskin though, it was so long and creased and it covered his helmet even when he was hard, but slid back and forth with ease.

He cum real quick, pumping out a lot of cum from his cock and still giggling while he splashed it everywhere. I cam instantly too, dumping my cum all over the ground between us. He was still slowly wanking the last of his cum from his cock watching my dick pump it out too, so I guess he was pretty into it.

That was it, we were suddenly good mates and we started hanging out and wanking a lot after that. He had a girlfriend but he’d come over to my flat every week to watch porn and wank. He let me suck his foreskin and drain the cum from his cock, he wanked me off more than a few times too, and even tasted my dick too once.

He still claimed he was straight, no matter how much I told him he obviously wasn’t lol

That’s eventually what ended our friendship at the end of last year. It’s a shame, he was a fucking hot guy and had a great straight uncut cock, always cumming a big load too. But I can’t be dealing with guys who don’t know what they like and pretend they’re something they’re not.”

Great uncut cock wanking video with new guy Leo Andrews

I know that the Brits are usually the ones who call jacking off wanking, but I think I might have to adopt this new word for my own vocabulary. I just enjoy using it so much.

Check out the new arrival in this Blake Mason scene, it’s an uncut cock wanking video with new guy Leo Andrews and I can predict that his hooded cock is going to be very popular with the members ;)

Jacking off with uncut British guy Leo Andrews

Leo Andrews arrives for his first solo wank video

I think a lot of you are the same as me when it comes to uncut cocks, you like to see a nice long smooth pink hood of foreskin tapering off at the end of a hot guys cock, and the hood Leo has is the kind we would all love to play with, stretch out and slide a tongue into.

According to the site, Leo started off as a bit of a curious guy, interested in other guys dicks, and gradually moving on to become bisexual. He loves wanking and sucking, but recently he’s been getting into mutual fucking too. He might have enjoyed sticking his uncut dick into other guys and playing with their cocks at the start, but these days he’s not shy about giving up his own ass for another guy to fuck.

He’s so hot, and so obviously horny too. His dick is totally delicious, and although he’s only been in this one uncut cock wanking video so far I know he’s going to be back real soon to share that length of fuckmeat with some of the other hot guys they have.

I’m trying to think of the best guy they could team him up with, and I think it would have to be one of their real defined and aggressive tops.

Anyone there you think would make a perfect partner for his first duo?


Sexy Leo Andrews jacking off at Blake Mason

Leo Andrews wanks his uncut cock

Watch all the hardcore uncut cock videos at Blake Mason