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Craig Daniel and his long uncut dick

Craig Daniel is certainly no stranger to showing off his gorgeous long uncut dick on video, but this is the first time he’s appeared on the BlakeMason.com site. The guy is a real catch, a horny and hung sporty hunk who loves to perform, but there’s a little more to him than that.

Hung Craig arrives at BlakeMason to stroke some cum from his big uncut dick

He’s one of those very British guys, a sporty dude who has the kind of masculine attitude I love to see in a guy while also being all about the cock ;)

He’s a scientist, and he plays Rugby and Volleyball too. The best thing about him has to be that cock though.

It’s an impressive slab of uncut dick, real long and thick, with a great hood over the helmet. He’s so into showing it off that his dick is already throbbing and stretching out his bulging briefs from the start, and when he releases it to show it off it’s bouncing and growing straight away.

He loves stroking it, really working his thick meat with some expert skill. No doubt he can get someone to enjoy that thing whenever he wants, but it’s clear he’s a regular cock stroker too.

If had a long uncut dick like that I would be a pro at making it spew juice too ;)

He’s only done this solo wank scene so far, but I think he’s going to be back to fuck a guy in the ass within the next month. I’m looking forward to that more than you know.


Craig Daniel shows off his thick and long uncut cock and strokes out a nice load of cum at Blake Mason

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Peter Annaud and his meaty and thick uncut cock

Everyone loves a good jack off scene, right? It’s even hotter when the boy stroking his boner has a thick uncut cock to play with and drain a cum load from. Check out new boy Peter Annaud on the Bel Ami Online site and I think every one of you guys will agree that he’s one to watch!

Cute Peter Annaud plays with his thick and veiny uncut cock

The handsome and hung young man arrived on the site back in September, but this new video is probably the one most guys will be stroking their load out to. It’s a delicious solo, getting to know the young man as he displays his meaty dick and his tight body, really showing off his hooded helmet and playing with his shaft.

This site has always been one of the best for uncut cock fans, and they just keep adding more hot young guys to their collection of models too. I don’t know where they find all these guys, but I want to move there and get to know each and every one of them personally lol

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing quite a lot more of this hot young twink in the coming months, so stick around and follow the blog, I’ll be sharing the action with you guys the moment he’s sharing that cock with someone!


New twink Peter Annaud shares his gorgeous uncut cock in a solo at Bel Ami – worth watching.

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Stroking a big uncut dick

I don’t often share gifs on the blog because they seem to slow things down a little when pages are loading, but in the case of this one I just had to get it on here for you guys to enjoy ;)

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Enjoy a little Foreskin Play

Now I know this gif might cause some page loading slowness, but I think it’s worth the wait. He has a gorgeous cock with a great hood on the head of his meat too, and seeing hi playing with it and running his finger around the meatus under the skin is so totally hot!

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Vilem Tel and his thick uncut dick

Oh noes! It’s Sunday, and that means many of you will be going back to work tomorrow. I know, it’s terrible, but at least you have the end of the weekend to enjoy kicking back with your cock in your fist enjoying some really hot guys on video, and I have one more for you all to enjoy from the WilliamHiggins.com site. Check out new guy Vilem Tel and enjoy his immensely thick and juicy looking uncut dick ;)

Vilem Tel shows off his thick uncut boner

Vilem Tel arrives at WilliamHiggins.com to show off his thick and meaty uncut cock

According to the site, Vilem is a 24 year old sporty jock who loves keeping himself in shape and enjoys tennis and ice-hockey, as well as running and training at the gym too.

He’s not the most ripped hunky jock they’ve had on the site, and I have to wonder if he really is 24 (come on, he does look a little older than that) but I really don’t care about his age, for me it’s all about that meaty uncut cock he has to show off in this shoot of session stills.

The guy has an amazing dick, a fat shaft and a really delicious looking helmet covered in foreskin even when he’s getting hard and throbbing. I love uncut cocks that have enough foreskin to stay hooded when hard, but he doesn’t hide his helmet for long as he lays back and plays with his dick, sliding the skin back.

He shows off his tight ass too, tempting you to come and fuck him – every one of us would, right? lol

His cock is really meaty and I can just imagine the fun he’s going to have sharing that boner with some of the other guys. I bet they have other models lining up to jerk him off and suck that thing, and some wanting to ride it too ;)

You can bet I’ll be getting that action on here when it arrives!

Enjoy your Sunday guys, don’t wank too much and make yourselves sore lol


Vilem Tel showing off his thick uncut dick at WilliamHiggins.com

Vilem has a great thick and meaty uncut cock that he wants to show off on video!

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