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What would you love to do with Jonas Ashter and his long uncut cock?

I know that’s probably a stupid question, but I’ve asked it anyway in the hope that you might decide to leave a comment! lol

His name is Jonas Ashter, and he’s a brand new boy to European gay porn. He’s a real cute guy, with a tight body and a long uncut cock and a nice pair of hanging balls beneath too.

New uncut twink Jonas Ashter arrives at Bel Ami Online

This is his first foray into gay porn as far as I know, but after enjoying him myself I have to say that I hope he comes back for more. I can imagine there are a lot of other guys on the site who have seen this boy arrive and want to suck and ride that long uncut cock.

It really is a gorgeous shaft, and he knows how to show it off too. I can just picture him in the middle of a gang bang with a bunch of their dudes all fucking him in the butt, feeding him their dicks and sucking and wanking on his impressive cock to get his cum spewing out.

They’re always adding new boys to their site, and it’s one of the things I love about them so much. Occasionally a boy will vanish after just a solo, but I’m thinking this guy is going to be back very soon :)

Enjoy some pics, and click through for more of course!


Sexy new boy Joas Ashter shows off his long uncut cock in his debut shoot for the Bel Ami Online site

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Uncut straight jock Vilibald Athlon in his debut

What a sexy start to the week! I was just looking at some of the new action on the William Higgins site and saw this new uncut straight jock showing off his intact cock for the fans, and of course I had to share him with you all.

His name is Vilibald Athlon and he’s 25. He’s a straight hunky dude with a big build and a hard uncut dick in his pants, and he wants to share it with the world.

I sometimes wonder what it is about all these straight guys that makes them want to share their cocks on a site like this, knowing that so many of their guys end up coming back to suck dick and fuck other guys.

I guess a lot of these straight guys are a little more adventurous or experimental than most.

They list some of the things he’s into, and they include women (obviously lol), health, the gym, Thai Boxing and running his own small business too.

Although this is just a photo shoot to get us all worked up for his first proper cum splashing scene next week, I have a feeling a lot of you guys will be clicking through to check out more of this uncut straight jock and looking forward to seeing what he gets up to with some of the other guys :)


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Squirting cum from an uncut cock with new guy Zack Nicol

Okay guys, I’m going to start this off by calling out Blake Mason just a little here, I hope you don’t mind. Check out new guy Zack Nicol, who is apparently 25… I know, right? He’s not 25, no way in hell. Still, he’s a sexy guy with a great uncut cock and a squirting cum shot, so who am I to complain about a little smudging of the truth when it comes to his age?

I’m probably not the only one who thinks they need to add another decade onto that age to be convincing, and I’m not even sure why they would have lied so much. If they didn’t, and he really is 25, then he needs to invest in some skincare products because whatever he’s doing now is making him look quite a bit older than he is lol

He’s still fit though, and still very horny to watch, and he has that great uncut cock between his legs ready for stroking and shooting a cum load from.

That’s probably what I love the most about this guy, his jizz load. He really squirts out a nice pumping wad of cum when he reaches that point, making a mess of sticky goo all over himself :)

Check out some pics and click through to watch his video.


blakemason banner

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