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Stroking uncut dick with new amateur jerker JP

Uncut JP Clio is a dancer, but I know some of you might be thinking he doesn’t exactly look like one. I get that, hes more of an average amateur guy than a fit and toned dancer, right? Still, I wanted to share this Blake Mason post because he has a really nice uncut cock, and pretty interesting wanking style (I love the word wanking, so much better than “Jacking off”)

JP Clio arrives to stroke a cum load out at Blake Mason

Apparently he’s only been out for a couple of years, but in that time he’s really been enjoying himself and experiencing plenty of action with other guys. He’s obviously pretty horny, because the moment his uncut cock is out for a stroke session he’s getting hard and ready to play.

You know how some guys just stroke their shaft in the same movement over and over again until they cum? Not JP, he has an interesting cock stroking method that’s mainly focused on the helmet, roiling his foreskin up and down over his glands and building up the pleasure until his balls are getting tight and his cum load is rising up to splash out.

Jack off scenes can sometimes be pretty boring, but I do love it when I see a guy enjoying his cock in some interesting ways, doing more than just sliding his fist up and down.

I’m looking forward to seeing JP sharing that uncut dick with one or two of the other guys real soon, I’m thinking it’s going to be hot to watch ;)


Amateur uncut British guy JP Clio strokes his intact dick and drains a cum load from his balls

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Damian Gomez and his impressive uncut dick!

Have you seen new guy Damian Gomez on the Blake Mason site? I was looking through some of their new videos and although there were a couple I really wanted to share with you today his solo won out. He has a great hung uncut cock to play with and stroke a load from in his solo scene for the site, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he gets up to when he comes back for another video.

Damian Gomez arrives at Blake Mason to shoot a cum load

He’s a handsome and lean guy with a real confidence when it comes to showing off on camera. I know he’s new to the site, but he’s not new to being on video or showing off for an audience. According to his little interview in the start of this scene he’s into performing live sex shows too – that’s something I would LOVE to see! ;)

He’s an expert when it comes to performing, that’s obvious. He knows what we want to see, and he seems to know how to show off that hung uncut cock perfectly for the fans watching him.

I can usually tell when a new guy is going to make a lot the members very happy, and after seeing him pumping a great load of cum over himself at the end of his jerk off show I can say with some confidence that he’s going to be a popular performer on there.

Check out his video when you get the chance, and stay tuned for more. I’ll be getting some pics from his first duo on here the moment that happens! ;)


Damian Gomez strokes the cum from his hung uncut cock in his first appearance on the Blake Mason site

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Uncut muscle boy Ben Mondo!

The William Higgins site already has so many hot young guys with great bodies and amazing uncut cocks, but I really cannot wait to see what this handsome and built young man gets up to in the future after this awesome solo wanking show. His name is Ben Mondo, and he’s the kind of fit young European jock I love to see jacking off and shooting his load, but I’ll get off on it even more when the 21 year old comes back to have that meaty intact dick wanked and sucked!

New straight muscle boy Ben Mondo arrives at William Higgins to stroke his hard uncut cock

He’s a very sporty guy, but then I guess you can tell that from his fit body. He’s into ice-hockey and working out, playing all kinds of sports with his buddies too. He has a lot of confidence and seems to really love showing off as he strips down to his shorts and displays his growing bulge while he plays with it. He seems to be one of those straight guys who gets off on the idea of other dudes wanking off over him ;)

When his uncut cock is out there’s no denying it’s a tempting package that any one of us would love to worship and drain of a load, and although he’s dealing with his own dick in this solo I don’t think it’s going to be too long before we see him back to have that cock stroked and sucked by another guy.

He shows off his ass and really gets into his jack off, unloading his balls and making a nice mess ;)


Cute and fit straight boy Ben Mondo works his uncut cock on video at William Higgins

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A swollen mushroom head on a gorgeous guys cock!

Have you seen this sexy new arrival on the Blake Mason site? His name is Colby Parker and he’s just starting out in gay porn, kicking things off by jerking his cock and shooting a cum load for the fans. After seeing the hot young man delivering the hot goo in this solo I’m really looking forward to seeing who they team him up with for his first fuck ;)

Gorgeous Colby Parker strokes his swollen cock at Blake Mason

To say that Colby is gorgeous is, in my opinion, an understatement. He looks like he could be a movie star with his perfect features and those sexy eyes. And when he gets his kit off things get even better!

He’s a fit boy, but naturally fit and nicely built without being an obvious gym nut.

I know what you’re thinking, he’s not uncut. And you would be right about that. I know we’re supposed to be all about the foreskin on the blog, but to be honest when I watched his swollen mushroom-headed dick being pleasured I couldn’t resist sharing him.

Almost all of the guys they have on the site are uncut, but when I saw how handsome he is and how impressive his cut cock is I knew I had to share him on the blog with you guys. Rest assured you are going to enjoy his wanking solo, and his return soon for a hardcore fuck with another of their boys.


Colby Parker beats his meat and splashes out some hot cum in this solo wanking video from Blake Mason

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Jacking off with new hunk to UK gay porn Bruno Bernal

Okay, I have to make a confession here. Although the guys at Blake Mason say that Bruno Bernal is uncut, it’s actually a little hard to tell for sure. I guess he might just have one of those foreskins that immediately stretches all the way back along his shaft when he gets hard, but it can be real difficult to tell how much hood he has. Despite this, I knew you guys would want to see the video of him arriving there and jacking off to a cum load for the fans.

Bruno Bernal arrives to stroke out a cum shot at Blake Mason

This guy is not just gorgeous, he’s BEAUTIFUL. He’s so ridiculously handsome he could get me hard and imagining him naked just by seeing that stunning face. Of course the rest of him is just as hot too, he has a great body and a real meaty thick cock, and a hot hole that he’s willing to give up for the right guy.

There’s a little curiosity about his sexuality, and although it’s not mentioned that much he seems to suggest that he’s just into sex and loves to get off with guys and chicks. I think that means he’s into cock and pussy, but regardless of whether he adopts a label for himself I know he’s no stranger when it comes to sharing his dick with other dudes and sucking and fucking them too ;)

I’ll be offering more of this hunk the moment he comes back for more, you can be sure of that!


Handsome hunk Bruno Bernal jerks out a hot load of man juice at Blake Mason

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