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Uncut muscle man Rado Zuska in a bareback gay seeding with Simon Beber

Rado Zuska has been impressing me since he arrived on the William Higgins site and shared a wank with straight guy Olda Stocek back in 2011. These days he’s doing all kinds of horny things with other guys, and this new video with Simon Beber is a great example of how he’s grown to love sucking cock and getting fucked too!

Uncut muscle guy Rado sucks on the big uncut dick of Simon at William Higgins

So, back when Rado started he was a real straight hunk who had never done anything with other dudes before. They broke him in easy with some shared wanking action, then had him sucked off by David Bestak in a muscle worship video that ended with the muscular man getting his first ass to fuck.

It was Honza Copak who really got Rado over to our team though, sucking him off, feeding him his first uncut cock and then sliding his own muscle dick into his tight and tanned ass. He obviously loved it all, because he just keeps coming back for more!

Simon Beber is the one hooking up with the hunk in this video, swapping their hooded cocks with each other in some tasty oral and then getting down to the real uncut bareback fucking.

Whenever I see a guy like Rado alongside a slimmer dude I always automatically assume that the more muscled guy is going to be the one topping, even though we know this is not always the case. I don’t know why I often automatically think that, but it’s clearly hot to see Rado being the one taking it in the butt.

Back when this hunk started I would never have thought I would see a cum-covered uncut cock sliding into his raw hole after making the dude cum all over himself, but that’s exactly what we get with this scene!


Simon Beber gives his long uncut cock to muscled hunk Rado Zuska in his bareback scene from William Higgins

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Wank Party – Plenty of uncut cocks being shared!

I was checking out some of the videos on the William Higgins site this morning and wondering what one I should share with you guys when I found a wank party video I was pretty sure we hadn’t seen on here yet. You know I love these parties with so many uncut cocks being enjoyed, and the fact that hunky Rado Zuska is involved made it a no-brainer!

Yes, I have my favorites on the site, and Rado Zuska is definitely one of them. Even though you know he started out straight, he sure has come around to the idea of wanking and sucking with other horny guys, and he even gets some hot ass wrapped around that muscled dick these days too.

He’s joined by Martin Bogdan, Gregor Bortel and Jozef Vavrich for this scene out in the country, with all those uncut cocks being released for some group wanking and sucking before Jozef and Martin take this to the next level, opening up their hot holes for some dick to slide into.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of hardcore action in this one, which is inevitable when you have so many horny guys enjoying their dicks in one room. The cum shots these guys all shoot before the end of it is proof enough of how horny they are for each other!

Definitely check this video out when you get the chance, there are a lot of free videos on the site and I think after you’ve seen this one you’ll probably want more 😉


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Rado Zuska – Hung uncut hunk

I was watching some of my favorite videos on the William Higgins site this afternoon and when I saw one of the best ones with Rado Zuska I decided that we didn’t have enough of this gorgeous muscled hunk and his hung uncut cock on the blog! Although there hasn’t been another video added with him since the awesome oily suck and fuck he had with Rudy Bodlak I know a lot of you appreciate this gorgeous dude as much as I do.

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (1)

It really is pretty hard to imagine that this guy really did start out as a completely straight dude with no experience of cock – other than this own of course! He was persuaded to try some things though, and I guess none of it was as bad as he might at first have thought.

Sine then he’s done quite a lot, and his cock seems to respond to all that wanking, sucking and fucking!

He’s built like the kind of dude you might expect to be the one doing all the fucking, but he’s learned how to get off on taking dick in his ass, and we saw him riding a hard dick in his last video too.

I know we’ve had some solo pics of this guy on here before, but these ones of him showing off that hung uncut cock and flexing those muscled deserve to be appreciated in this post 😉


Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (2)

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (3)

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (4)

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (5)

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (6)

Hung uncut hunk Rado Zuska solo (7)

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