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What i love to see at the nude beach

Just saw this hot pic of a couple of uncut twinks with their hooded cocks out enjoying the sun and it immediately took me back to seeing a really hot uncut jock guy at the nude beach a couple of years back. This guy was totally gorgeous, a real college jock type, and he had a semi hard dick bobbing along and flopping around with a long hood of foreskin tapering from the tip. I was hard in an instant and so wanted to ask him for a stroke session out of sight – but I was a pussy and never said anything to him. Damn, wish I had at least risked offering him a handjob lol

Hot naked uncut boys showing off their dicks

Uncut twink friends in the sun

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New boy Carl Ross in a flip flop fuck with Mike James!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I spent the night over a friends place having a little too much to drink, and I’m feeling it today. But, I have something that’s going to make a lot of you feel all better if you’re a little hung over. His name is Carl Ross and it seems the young uncut jock boy has just arrived on the Staxus site, and is about to become a major star performer for them too.

Uncut jock boy Carl Ross flip flopping with Mike James

Now, I have to admit that I rarely know when to describe a fit guy like Carl as a “twink” or a “jock”. I think he’s somewhere in-between, and as he has some muscle I’m going with uncut jock boy rather than twink.

He’s the blond stunner getting some cock action in another of their religiously-themed scenes (I know, some of you guys are tired of that supposed controversy, but to be honest I don’t care about the theme or setting when the guys are as hot as he is). Fellow Choir Boy Mike James is the one welcoming him to the site with a great flip flop fuck that sees them both getting plenty of raw dick in their hole.

The sucking is excellent, the fucking is hot, the cum loads could be better but I don’t think you guys are going to care about that at all when you watch it. Check out the free videos on the site when you get the chance, and remember they have more than a thousand on there already, with more being added every week. If you only like being a member of one site at a time, I think it should be this one.



Hot new European jock boy Carl loves to flip flop fuck!

staxus banner

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Uncut twinks in the locker room – Blake Hanson and Tim Law

I had to share these photos of a hot locker room fuck video on the Staxus site after I watched it, because I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have a love of the locker room like I do. And of course a lot of you have a love of uncut twinks like Blake Hanson and Tim Law too!

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 1

Tim Law is playing the role of a sporty young man who hasn’t impressed his coach Blake Hanson. I’m not sure what the sport is, but whatever it is his coach has some interesting ways to inspire his young friend to do better.

You might imagine that there would be some encouraging talk or a discussion about tactics, but this guy is not into all that. Instead, Blake just hauls out his cock and gives it to Tim to suck on!

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a punishment or an encouragement, but the twink certainly seems to appreciate it, gobbling that uncut dick like a pro. He might not be great at his chosen sport, but enjoying dick is something he is more than a little skilled at lol

It’s not kept to the sucking for these uncut twinks though, as you might have expected. Tim takes a ride on that cock and both the boys get off in style with jizz splashing out all over!

This is definitely one to check out, the setting and the action is so hot in this one.


Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 2

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 3

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 5

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 4

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 7

Blake Hanson and Tim Law - uncut twinks locker room fuck 6

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